I Am Me

Who am I?

Just a girl you passed by?

What makes you say that?

Just a Hispanic brat?

Why put me in one category?

I am who I am not because of my family-

I’m the exception

No, they only gave me life.

I am me because of my heart.

I’ve been knocked down,

And beat to the core.

Who are you to tell me who I am?

I am me,

the girl who beat depression by realizing no one else was important

The girl who doesn’t need a guy to make me happy.

Who left her middle school drama for a better chance.

Who listened about how she “got pregnant”

Even though I walked the school halls being pure.

The girl who got into anime and art

and drew her way into people’s heart.

Who didn’t have her dad,

but didn’t need him, I’m not even mad.

The girl who never gave up and is graduating

with not one but two degrees at the same time.

I never took no for an answer and never will.

Who am I?

I’m the girl with insecurities like you,

but I made mine look beautiful.

The girl with the over sized cheeks,

but can smile brighter than anyone else.

The girl who is considered “fat”

but can model like no one else.

The girl who loves boys and girls,

and doesn’t let anyone tell me I’m wrong.

I’m the girl who believes in universal love,

and won’t let anyone bring me down.

Who am I?

The girl who got into her dream school the first she applied,

and made sure she made her mark at her school.

The band obsessed girl

who saves up her money for concerts to see her inspiration,

and will sing along with the lead singer.

The one who throws mini concerts in her room at 9 PM

and can laugh because it seems real.

I can feel like the star, and never lose the feeling in the night.

The girl who had medical problems,

but still dances because she loves me.

I love who I am.

From my hair to my height.

My messed up teeth to my love for anime.

I love every inch of me,

and you still question why someone like me would love me?

Well it’s because we’re a freak show.

I am unique, not like you,

and that makes me happy.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I am who I am.

I am Flawless

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