Extraordinary, Not, Extra Ordinary

Life is monochrome,

or so they say.

A repetitive cycle of time,

repeating daily.


What has gone,

will come by again.

Where is the color in life?


Soul against soul,

body against body.

Passing each day aimlessly,

a mass conscious. 


What are you?

Who are you?

They have no identity.


Strangers everywhere,

Not a familiar face or sight.

A cold atmosphere,

Even in summer’s light.


You rely on opinions of others,

But where is your own?

Has it gone beyond yonder?


I have drowned,

My wings were clipped

In this writhing mass called society.

Decadence, ominous and black.


You have withered with the others,

Families torn by trivialities,

Souls crushed to dust.


But not I.

I will not abide,

by standards of society.

Leave me in peace.


I am NOT a lost soul upon many.

I have wandered where many others went,

I have come back and triumphed.


Cracked, my mask may be.

But cracked, a stark contrast against many

Other cold, polished masks

That rest upon their cheeks.


My wings may be clipped,

But they have grown and healed.

Scarred, and rough but whole.


I have flown off a precipice,

A vertical streak lighting the sky,

Morning is at the edge of the boundary,

Seeking its way, and I, meeting it.


This is a colorful world.

Judge me as you will,

I have found liberation within me.




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