Hope for 2015

Tue, 01/13/2015 - 21:15 -- htr2


I grew up in a world,

el mundo,

le monde,

of seven billion people. 

Everyday this number grows and grows

and trust me it shows and shows. 

From the depleted renewable resources,

 to the overflooded landfills,

threatened species, 

and infections and viruses,

there's no running from the destruction we make.

Similar to King Midas,

everything we touch seems to break.

But I also witness a planet,

el planeta,

la planete,

full of passion and benevolence,

one sprouting with grins,

 and beauty,

let's not forget the beautiful people!!

from the dazzling smiles,

to the unique hair, 

full of natural energy,

and precious flare.

A world filled with problem solvers,

intellectuals, charisma and peacemakers,

everyone has their own role in society,

most people don't even notice theirs.

So it's hard to believe

ridiculous to conceive

that anyone can hate a species,

that provides so much joy.

I remember in my Bio Class,

learning there was more in common genetically

between black & white man,


there was between, 

two emperor penguins.

We are social creatures,

that collaborate, 

and bounce ideas off each other.

So when the worldy environmental,

and social issues,

and injustices arise,

Sure we may quarrel,

or bitch,

or argue,

but when times of trouble occur

you better be damn sure

we will group up and find a cure!


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