How FlawLESS


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carmel skin that'll make ya knees weak -thats flawless

thick hips, lips and thight -thats flawless

small waist with a cute -thats flawless

southern draw real strong -thats flawless

now dont stand to close ,yall mess up my fresh paint job cause you see when that beat dropped i felt just like you... i gotta step up my game cause Beyonce set up a new playing field "woke up flawless" when i wake up im anythang but that. got these boys thinking they got the right to tell a lady she aint 'Bad' enough to kick it whith em... pshhh boy please!

but i think yall heard her the wrong way... see the way i see it when i woke up i was full of flaws...

that carmel skin got some rough patches to it, these hips and thighs got strech marks, dont let that waist fool you, i eat like 4 grown men... and that southern draw thats so strong, i wounder if you even understand me half the damn time?

you wanna see what flawless is.. stop looking at them music videos, dont flip through no magazines... go take a peek in that lookin glass and tell me what you saw... them flaws i wante to hide, made me. and you know what, now that i look at em i couldnt be happier. Mama Angulo told me youth was wasited on the young... and it is! cause you see, without my flaws i wouldnt be flawless. my mind gos in overdrive when i hear people tell me to lose weight or when they ask me why i dont wear weave... well if i did all that you wouldnt see me. all you'll see is the paint job i set for your imagination.. well i aint gone leave nothing covered for you...

im flawless because im 18 years old and i understand who God is.. im flawless because i know how to forgive.. im flawless because im happy in my body.. im flawless because i dont need anybody to tell me im pretty.. im flawless because i enjoy going to class.. i am flawless because i am full of flaws and i love every last one of em!

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