Baby Gladiator


I've always been tiny, a small little peach.

I'm used to the bottom, the top I can't reach.

Always looking up because there is nothing below.

Praying and hoping, that one day I'd grow. 

Used as an armrest and the center of every joke.

Apologies, they were never spoke.

I was a hockey player, despite my height.

My coach said I was unstoppable on ice.

I was fast and I was good. 

But all the parents misunderstood.

Why was I playing while their sons warmed the bench?

Their complaints were always littered with....french. 

My coach would just smile and with a laugh he would say. 

"Maybe they'll tire out my baby gladiator one day."

My confidence then began to radiate.

My coach needed me to gladiate. 

Despite my height, I was finally on top. 

This "Baby Gladiator" will never be stopped.

Make jokes, poke fun, I can care less.

I may be small, I may be too honest. 

But thanks to hockey, I have learned I am flawless. 





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