***Fearless by Kari H

Tue, 02/10/2015 - 21:09 -- Kari H


After Beyonce's ***Flawless

Wake up
Happy that I'm able
To see another day
in this life in which I have full control
Get ready to leave the house and step into the outer world

This is me
This sweater
That's me
My jeans
That's me
My Chuck Taylors 
Definitley me
My Amethyst rock
My scarf
Around my neck
My head on my shoulders
Damn, that's fearless

I enter in my school's building
All jokes aside, it's time to get serious
There's nothing that can stop me
I'm here to give it my all
If you're with me
Thank you
If you're not, stay away
I don't need any negativity slowing me down
Because my perseverance is what's speeding me up

You see I grew up like this
My parents taught me to never let my guard down
My siblings taught me to never let anyone take advantage of me
My friends taught me to never hide myself no matter what anyone thinks
My grandmother taught me to praise the Almighty Father, our God 
My aunt gave me insight into the future
My future, in which I become THE meteorologist

My name on top of that honor roll chart
Those four years of hard work
Flawlessly done
Now I'm the valedictorian
They see me, if they laugh
I couldn't care less
Because, I am fearless


This poem is about: 
My family


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