'My sister taught me how to speak my mind.'


Middle school, 7th grade. 
When you think you have everything in the bag, something changes.
It gets taken away, out of know where. 
I guess I couldn't complain. 
The friends that you have to hit up to make plans, are the first source of realizing you need new friends. 
A year went by. 
Middle school, 8th grade
I was more quiet the usual, People didn't realize it. 
Nobody realized it till the day I snapped into a 'You know, I really don't need this.' Faze. 
High school was coming up, varsity sports, new people, and a much bigger school. 
The biggest accomplishment I have achieved, was standing up for myself. 
Middle school, middle of 8th grade. 
'My sister taught me how to speak my mind.' 
It was sixth period, the mean girls, old friends, where handing out our projects. 
Instead of saying my name, they called out 'Ew.' 
Instead of taking my project and walking away with my head down
I held my head high, and I told them, I told them that I wasn't worth this much hate. I told them I was worth much more then this. That I, am I person too. I have a feelings. I am better then this.
High school, all four years. 
I am friends with those girls who bullied me, who taunted me, who ruined middle school for. 
I learned to be a friend, to be nice to others, but most importantly 
I learned to forgive and forget. 
I learned that being bullied and being the bully doesn't define a person. It defines a time in their life. 
Being bullied has earned me the most respect I have gotten. 


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