NO human is Flawless, 

But we like to think that we are. 

NO human is perfect, not even close.

Each of us we need to have a since of importance.

We tend to want to create a flawless self,

to show others that we are happy with our selfs.

NO human is Flawless, but if I was

it would be a flawless love,

a no error, never angry love, for the poeple around me.

In No way will that ever happen though, 

I can't always say nice things neither could you. 

I get mad, upset, and discouraged and so do you.

We are not perfect and we never will be. 

NO human is Flawless, and never could be. 

My question for you why do you think your flawless,

Those golden locks, the beautiful eyes, model body???

NO even with that "perfect" self,

you will always have something that defines you,

your own touch of Flaw.....

Maybe its that frackles on your arms or the overly pale skin you have,

thats ok I have that to, maybe your frizzy hair, I wish I had that problem,

this is your own touch of Flaw that GOD gave you, so you could be you 

Because NO human is Flawless.....

But your  own touch of Flaw.



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