Look Into My Eyes



Look Into My Eyes


I’m sure I am not the first

Nor will I be the last

But I will be remembered

For my gaze


I can give nice,

I can give caring,

I can even give loving,

But you will remember my look of intensity

It is worth more than any object,

You will be able to pick it out.

The gaze describes me

More than any thought.

My eyes can crinkle,

They can cry,

They can wink,

And they can definitely stare.

When I can’t say a word,

They speak for me.

My eyes can strip you of a lie,

They can be your best friend.

My eyes may be brown,

They may change color,

My eyes might even close,

Or gaze without a blink.

But my eyes will always be watching,

With an intensity that cannot compare,

Wondering, searching, deciding on your pair.


-Amanda Brand


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