Dear Little Black Girl


No one ever told you that you were beautiful

And all anyone has ever said to you were lies.

The truth hurts,

not you,

but others.

It is time to open some very dark eyes.

You are more than the color of your skin.

You are more than the content of your mind.

You are a person.

You are important.


You make this world go round and round.

The earth would not be the same without you.

All those nights that you spend crying,


There are no more tears to shed.

The battle that you are fighting,

It is already over.

There is nothing else to be done

And nothing else to be said.

Your light shines brighter than any other.

Do not listen to the people

Who want to dull your shine.


You are loved by all men.

Not just the ones that look like you.

There is no reason in the world a white man cannot love you too.


Stop worrying,

What are you worrying for anyway?

Do your part in this world,

And everything else will fall into place.


Dear Little Black Girl,

You are beautiful.

You are one of a kind.

Do not let skin color

Sink into your mind.

Color is just color.

Do not give your color the time of day,

You are one amazing little girl,

that will blossom into wonderful woman someday.



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