Hearty Chuckle

When the term "Hearty Chuckle" comes to mind

One might think of a large lumberjack eating a pork rind

However, that image is the incorrect choice


The term actually applies to me, a 5'3 high school girl, with a slightly low voice

My deeper voice is what gives my laugh its hearty chuckleness

Of which many of my classmates seem to overly obsess


It's not that I don't hear it myself

My laugh really is unique and according to some studies good for my health

Its just that every single day someone, somewhere makes a comment

Oftentimes it is a blatant imitation filled with mockeryment


I know no one means to offend

Because my hearty chuckle has become something of a trend

It is contagious, but a good kind

It makes other people laugh too and let go of whatever's on their mind


My hearty chuckle will never go

It is flawless and I love it so



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