Flawlessly Flawed


I'm short

I'm slightly over weight

My left hip sits lower than my right

and I have to do a jig just to pull my jeans up.

I have a crooked smile and a bit of a lazy eye

My stretch marks reach across my sides and down my calves and thighs

and yet, depsite these "flaws" I can appreciate this body, this shell of mine.

I have a sideways smile full of joy and traced with laugh lines

A set of uneven eyes that have obtained premature crows feet from squinty smiles

I have memories embeded in my scar tissue

you can trace my growth by my stretch marks

all while struggling to stay inside the lines because frankly,

the curves just keep going

you can see the steps I have taken on my flat feet 

see how many times I've fallen and gotten back up and scraped my knee in the process

you can get to know me through my flaws

my very unique make up of experiences and marks to match

im just flawlessly flawed and happily myself because of it 


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