Perfection Is Not Real


To say something is perfect is in its self-flawed
Perfection has always been an ideal, a dream that would never become reality
We do our best, though it can’t be achieved actually
Perfection is something we seek, all we can do is be awed by it

We dare not share with others how low our self-esteem can get
Hiding behind curled hair and curled eyelashes  
Torturing our fragile bodies with clothing that make us fret
Concealing a pimple that is merely simple
Our society is telling us to diet
Should I starve myself today?
Am I pretty enough?

We envy those who can illuminate a path to success
Translating their qualities and accomplishing greatness
We worship these people
We worship “idols”
We wonder if we could ever be vigorous like them
Fighting to tear apart who we really are
Resulting to someone we couldn’t recognize
Standing together believing changing ourselves was best
My heart swells in my chest

We, us, he, she
Facing identical problems with identical thoughts 
Forced to perfect what can’t be perfected
Does it have to be this way?
Comparing my life to a jar of clay
Shaped and carved by someone everyday
It’s never my own creation
Only someone else masking a idolization 
Perhaps the act of achieving perfection is an art that needs to be perfected

There is no one we have to prove
No one should have to feel miserable to feel flawless
It was never about peaking perfection
Only to ensure an oblivion of happiness
Its false sincerity to a human if not comfortable in their own skin
How do you expect to love someone else when you can’t love yourself?

A message for anyone
There is no conspiracy to a better you then accepting what you have
You are you and I am me
Each of us entangled in individual beauty
There is nothing to change when we are born with a duty
Nothing but displaying extraordinary

I play this life game with my own rules
They’re created to enhance my unique tools
Never too worried about my protruding flaws
They define and exercise my characteristics to the jaw
I may not be perfect but I am flawless
Flawless in the sense of my own being
Content with what I have to offer
People can truly admire




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