I've heard it said sticks and stones

will severely break our bones

but words will land here harder.

Maybe bricks can be used

for burials,but they also

can be turned into glass bricks

to build diamond castles.


Sadness makes castle bricks of

my mud my blood and my fears

But I have no time for this

madness, so I will release

mud burns to radiate gold

blood into brilliant genius

fears into sharp bravery


Spinning the glittering gold

into dresses of grandeur,

genius to sharp, new beauty,

bravery into greatness

never seen by human eyes

Maybe sticks and stones break bones

but I'm queen of diamonds.

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This is for the flawless poetry slam. When I think of being flawless, I think of not caring what others think about me, and usign their insults to build myself up. Thats what this poem means to me.

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