I Am Who I Say I Am


Why should I change who I am?

Should I change because I don’t look like her?

Because I don’t speak nor act like her?

Well if I did then I wouldn’t be me.

Then again, who am I?

What makes ME flawless?

One word, five syllables.


MY determination.

I am determined to achieve the impossible.

My true and only competition is myself.

I am the ONLY one who can keep myself from what my future awaits.

So what if I’m not as smart, thin or pretty as her!

My drive for a better future keeps me going!

The race has just begun so I can’t stop now.

My only option is to keep moving forward.

What else would I do?


I’m sorry, but I am not familiar with that word.

I definitely did not wake up like this.

It took years for me to build my determination.

I am determined for greatness

I am determined for the unthinkable

I am determined to change the world.

I am Flawless.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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