I Am Here

Wed, 01/14/2015 - 15:31 -- Amahami


I am alive

I have survived

What the Earth

Has thrown at me


I exist

I can fight

Even with all

That ails me


I am gay

And that’s okay

I have blue hair

That’s quite out there


I have scars

From myself

My battles

And trials


I am here

Fighting and living

Continuing this journey

This battle


I am here

Kicking and screaming

Tearing my way

Out of this pit


I have my ups

And my downs

But I continue climbing

And soon I will be out


I am here

Wherever that is

I can help you

And everyone near


I am here

Most importantly

I have survived


Not without wounds

Or scars

But I survived

And can tell my story


Does it matter

Anything else

As long as I

Am here?


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