Forgiveness, A confessional poem

Entering the coven of the witch,

The frail mouse trembled,

Her little companion sound asleep,

Safe for the moment,

How dare you!

This is my property

you will acknowledge moi


yes m m m ma'am


Every day she had a chance to escape,

Magical yellow rides circled the coven daily,

Tempting her to run away with them,

While she traveled from the red brick institution,

Filled with other mice dressed just like her from head to toe,

Back to the dark-dreary coven,


If perhaps she could escape,

would her tender-hearted companion be ok?

*Snort* Of course it didn’t matter anyway,

The poor mouse could never get her paws on,

King Green the  Tyrant of the world,


She had no choice but to settle,

She was confused, misused, and abused,

When guest came the witches face,

Was like a cabbage patches,

As she glided around and actually fed the mice,

*fake country accent* y'all  see my big-little mouse here?

she the top of her class aint she precious?

When there were none, the mice were abandoned,

Not a crumb or even so much as a glance,


The mouse waited until late late at night

when she'd sneak into the scullery only to find,

the witch had paid the oven off,

to impregnate la gasolina so she'd be out of commission,

not a thing in the cabinets so she gave up her mission,

and set out to find someone who'd listen


Then came New York’s most hated,

To the rescue…huh...for once,

With their long black sticks that held,

Bright luminescent stars,

Releasing them to kiss her face,

And out came her fairy god-mouse

Who in a flash vanquished the witch,

The magical yellow rides smiled and welcomed,

The mouse and her companion,

As they sped into the twilight taking them to live,

Yes to live, with the brightest star,

one that everyone has had to have seen

The fairy god-mouse whispered to the mouse:

It won’t come easy but soon you’ll find a way,

For a major key to life is an eleven-letter word,


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