The Artisan


Perfection in sublime imperfection

Unique by design,

The Creator’s creation echoes Eternal

Soaring, reverberating, carving past present streams of stalagmites, the stale and the nocturnal


Tightly clinging to hollow perceptions the darkness provides,

The soul comfort for those without eyes

However, I bat my solar wings towards ethereal light Eternal

Two eyes and one, open, 360°, nothing hidden the enlightened One cannot perceive


Eye sees sounds, feels thoughts, tastes visions, smells gold

An artisan conceived of a mold broken, envisions ideals brought by soul

Translations of a scribe of sight Eternal

Lucid cosmic and fantastic epiphanies


A beam of light escaping the abyss,

Burning, cascading, illuminating external, internal ecstasy

The creation’s creation embodies Eternal

Golden ashes who mimic conscious, the remnants of a genie’s consciousness


Perfection of divine imperfection

Immaculate by conception

The creation’s Creator echoes Eternal

Composer of continuum scrolls, glancing past antiquities towards the future and back again


Like Father, like Sun

- The Artisan

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My country
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