Dancing Beauty


Everywhere corner of this crowded room

is filled with images of photoshopped beauties.

Every rack is covered with girls

who drown in perfection.

Every man by their side

is sculped by angels. 


I may not be like them,

I may not have the skin 

to bring people in,

but I am as flawless as can be

when my feet hit the floor.


I am as flawless as can be

when my hips swing to the beat.

Whether the cadence is swift or slow,

I keep pushing in my strength

to create the perfect move.


My expressions match my song

and everyone is indeed impressed. 

The bride is clapping along,

the people cheer my name, 

although some do look away.


But it makes no shame

because I am as flawless as can be.

And in that moment,

there is no beauty more flawless than me.

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