We all believe we are flawed; in some way, shape, or form. 

The good thing about this day and age is that if you really believe that your flawed, you  can literally change you're self. You can conceal your true personality and hide behind one of you're many masks. You can watch YouTube tutorials for tips and to help you fit in. But if you're truely motivated you can exercise or just get plastic surgery. You can always find away to fix what you don't like but the minute you change that one thing you don't like you'll find another flaw with yourself. 

Unless you except the fact that you are flawless already. 

You're perfect! 

You were made and molded into that perfect way, shape, and form. 

You're perfect! 

You don't need to change any thing about you're self. 

You're perfect! 

Anything who thinks other wise doesn't deserve to be in you're life. 

You're perfect! 

You're flawless the way you are! 





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