Perfected Outrage


I like to think that my words are stronger than people

That my speech is a weapon that can stun or kill


That my annunciation can be an annihilation

That my communication is an extension of an internal collaboration


I get to the point, it’s hit and never miss

When I speak and stun I feel utter bliss


I am sure you get my message as I make a sudden breakthrough

Your hard-headedness is what I aim to cut through


I don’t hide behind long sentences and explanations

I don’t let my speech become someone else’s dictation


My words are stories no one can fathom

Because my anger is a result, it’s not random


To say to choose battles wisely

Is to say to behave and talk nicely


To stop and listen

Is to create a division


Between me and you

I could say I’m angry, but I suppose you already knew


“Stop and listen”

“Too offensive”

“Too strong”

“Why can’t you just get along?”


I’m asked to be a gentle flower

Only to blossom at a certain hour

They want me to be soft like a newborn

But to preserving my own dignity I’m sworn


I like to think that my messages have no flaws

Even if my structure may not follow all grammar laws


Like my words, I am flawless

These words are the rawest

You can try me, but you’re just a novice

Sorry... in speaking, I am not too modest

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