A four letter word I know all too well
Since before I even know
All I've ever heard was man look at that girl grow
My height exceeded all the rest
Of all the kids of my sex
It was then uncomfortable that I became
With what started as a game
To see how tall I could be
Very quickly
Began to Ostracize me
Taller than all the boys taller than all the girls
Feeling taller than everyone in the world
I wanted to shrink and fit in
Not to stand tall and be 5'10
But I couldn't and didn't know what to do
So I began to let my shoulders droop
I slumped
Until in my back I began to notice a hump
Stand tall they'd say
Or it'll never go away
Don't slouch for anything
Act like from the ceiling you're being pulled by a string
But I couldn't help it
I still felt taller than everyone else
Kids saying I should've been a boy
And by my height the boys were annoyed
They were always too small
Or me too tall
Either way
The things they said were always the same
I was just too big
And felt I'd never fit in
I hated my length
Until one day I was given words of encouragement. I was given words of strength
I was told my height was beautiful
And to love every inch from my hair to my toe cuticles
I was given a gift
I had never looked at it like this
When I walk into a room people stop To see
Who is this elongated beauty
In a crowd I stick out
I was never made to fit in and I know that now
I'm different but in a good way
Given the gift of a body of a model on a runway
I am just as beautiful as anyone else
So with my emotions I dealt
Embracing me and all that I am
Because I am T-A-L-L
A four letter word with in love I fell

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