Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

Today I was pushed to the ground,

How did it happen? You might want to ask them.

A scratch on my skin through yesterdays pain, is now my signature

To tell my story and to tell them I am strong.

So if they think I'm damaged, I will still smile.

For in my mind I am unbroken.

I am the better person, so just wait,

Nice is an adjective and its my soul.

By all means praise Me, but remember I'm humble.

You may see a lump of brown skin but,

My skin is my own and I'm content.

Everything everything is a canvas, painted with acrilic, and so am I.

I am my own success. and no one can't take that away from me. If they try that is fine by me. Lets see them try.

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Stuggles are here, but we do not let them drag us down.

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