Society Isn't Flawless


You need relief from reality.

You take the pain as though a cue,

To start consuming everything possible,

Because the pain’s consuming you.


You need relief from the hurt.

You put your head down, not saying

A word before the “throne,”

Heaven knows you’re not praying.


You flush away the regrets

Down the porcelain trap door

But the only one trapped

Is you.


Once it’s over, “it’s over.”

You begin to think clearer,

Promise to start again fresh,

Then you look in that mirror.


We blame society for these problems.

Say their expectations are too high,

But aren’t society’s wants a reflection?

Our wants, our lie


…To be accepting of beauty,

In every shape, form, and size,

But then we Photoshop it out…

Instead of loving, we despise.

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