Your Heart is Not a Fight Club


United States
39° 45' 50.5116" N, 84° 5' 7.5948" W

I am writing to let you know
you are not alone.
No matter how romanticized the rogue in you becomes.
For all my wanderlust roving dreams of distance, I am writing in hope you know
your heart is not a fight club.
To dismiss frantic instincts pressing us forward as bad static.
Those knuckle dusters ready for combat should be left tucked inside
They have no place here.
I am still a boy who falls in love
with trees.
Sounding like a scratched up CD with distortion lungs.
I know you've been broken open before.
Remember you can breathe
We are not made of glass.
They will try to take your winds.
Sell them your fists.
You wont need them.
Contrary to a plague of widespread wishful thinking, I have not done well.
Trade in these addictions; wicked things.
Categorically beauty marked nonfiction, blinding ourselves at the expense of building better shelters.
If it takes disaster to learn a lesson, we should be so brilliant in this
collective fallout.
More optical, removing illusions and apathy for sake of warm sunlight days and reusing.
This is how to survive your predisposed identity:
Pluck tunes for adventure in backseats,
cross-country engines grown cold and cut power lines loose with reckless abandon.
We can take lazy naptimes at dawn.
Take my tongue, a love letter to open conversations and open roadside coffee stops
of never again losing touch due to something as massive as this distance,
Returned savage in three parts harmony,
I With everyone standing by your side.
II You have never settled or stood down, so dont start now.
III. Darling, this turns out just fine.
Chase that far off looking skyline till morning sun beating on your back illuminates it then
Dont stop for NOTHING.
Lie to me if your bones dont ache for social change, places and people we
Could build homes with.
Glow like three thousand transformers bursting in the night air.
Be as fantastic
as beautifully daring
as holy as you know you are!
I am writing this to you because your fears may cast heavy shadow, shade sown doubt
but you
You are a living walking light show.
Go with me on this one.
You illuminate wherever you choose to shine.

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