You. Can. Consume. Me.


The truth is

That you and the rest of society are one in the same

Judging me for my insecurities

Pretending to accept my plus size

But you and I both know you prefer otherwise

And when I would catch your eyes


To that skinny little heifer's hips

No word of reassurance formed upon your lips

Could ever console

My self-conscious soul


Your smile was so bright

But your eyes didn’t encompass that same shine

Which informed me that your words were lies

Telling me that I'm beautiful

Then unveiling a subtlety that whispers

"You look full"

Full figured



Yes society says to me

That in order to be happy

I must fight the flab that grabs my waist

That maybe if I had no belly

More people would accept me.

That’s society…


But you,


Indirectly try to convert me into some Barbie doll figurine

Figuring that the dress size of 3

Is what works best for you, so therefore it must be perfect for me

Well let me tell you something,

It’s unfitting.

My measurements don’t make ME.

Whether it be you or society

I will NOT allow you to shame me!

Because the truth is

You can consume me...

But I have to let you.

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Our world
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