I'm Flawless, Why can't you see?


Flawless and original,

Unique and irreplaceable.

Darika. That’s my name, got no shame, yell it out acting insane, like I just won a game.

Say it over in your brain cuz it symbolizes all the gain through my pain

because I refused to stay in my lane.


Stepped out, wasn’t scared to compromise.

Wasn’t afraid, wanted to be recognized.

Didn’t care when people judged and analyzed,

They just didn’t accept my personality personalized.


Dared to be different and used my talents for success,

Started as a mess, a huge test, but I refused to give it a rest.

Turns out I became the best.

I slayed my fears like a knight slaying his dragon on the first quest.

Felt accomplished like a mama feeding her babies in a bird’s nest.

My challenges I conquered and finessed.


I am an artist, an athlete, and I play 9 instruments,

The melodies I could produce can be infinite.

I played football and acted as the quarterback,

Who knew girls could even play like that?

Independent cuz no one had my back,

Everyone’s appreciation was all I lacked.


Never gave up, even when I felt like I had enough,

Gotta be brave gotta act tough,

It don’t matter if your life complicated and rough,

Motivation is all you need to keep your spirit up.

One thing you gotta keep in the back of your brain,

We’re all different? NO we’re all the same.

Chasing our dreams, wanna win this game.

Doing whatever it takes, don’t matter if we become insane.


That’s what makes up our personality.

Don’t like it? Well this is my reality.

Can’t accept? Then don’t even mess with me.

Go ahead, keep livin’ in your fantasy.

I’ll just continue to strive to be what I’m meant to be.

Never giving up to bring out the best in me.

I’m flawless, why can’t you see?


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