Flawless Flaws



The girl on the cover of the magazine,

The one who was created with photoshop,

The one who sees the magazine and doesn't see herself.


The all-state basketball star,

The one who is only playing for his dad,

The one who feels like he's lying to himself.

Flawless isn't really Flawless.


The girl who enjoys being herself.

The one who likes her own clothes.

The one who doesn't care about the opinions of her peers.


The boy in the corner with his nose in a comic.

The one who isn't up on the most current game,

The one who just likes books and comics and computers.

Flaws are flawless.

Flawless flaws.

I like organic food.

I will not compromise myself for anyone.

I am different from the girl in the magazine.

I have flaws, BUT,

I. Am. Flawless.



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