Flawless Application Status: Open

I am one of the Flawless,

The ensemble of ladies and gentlemen,

Who choose to be lighthearted and humble,

And share their quirkiness, joy, and affection.


We have no flaws,

Just a flowing blend of confidence and compassion.

We never lose hope, no matter how daunting,

For doing our best is the definition of perfection.


Never too proud to seek help and guidance,

Nor too greedy to give generously.

We listen with open hearts to the wisdom of elders,

For their knowledge can prevent flaws from forming completely.


No lazing or dawdling about,

Hard work is a must to succeed.

The Flawless plan ahead and repay debts,

These qualities are perfect indeed.


A few we select to bring into our lives,

Sharing laughter, banter, and stories,

Surrounding ourselves with loving, vibrant souls,

Not entangling with pretenders or belligerent phonies.


We love and accept ourselves,

Clothes, body, and face,

Never covering our mirrors with white linen sheets,

And unafraid to bare our originality with the human race.


I pledge to be Flawless,

All are welcome to join, no trick or twist,

As long as one condition is met—

Happiness must always be chosen first.

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