Is This Love?


United States

 I look at you with my hidden eyes

Your smile lights up the world

Blue, green, and gray crystals

In my heart, butterflies twirled

I did not see it coming


At first mere acquaintances

Then became my close friends

You got too near and bang!

Goes my heart before I knew it

Is this what we call love?


Giddiness is my feeling when I see

Thou, why does it have to be you?

I try to deny every time, yet

Is it thy charms or intellect?

That is pulling me towards you


We can never be, I know

Yet why do I feel that you are gold?

Not the kind won or worn,

But that periodic table transition metal

Natural resource, beauty of Earth


Is this love? I don't know

You are the Polaris of my feelings

Maybe one day when the bridge is stronger

Together we may be happily

But for now, just be my tomo (友)

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