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Adverse Childhood Experiences

Not one, not two, but experiences

On a scale from 1 to 10, rate your

On a scale

Tell me about your childho…

Tell me about

Tell me



What has become of me?

Depression, Anxiety, Sleep

Worry, Medication, Sucidal Ideation


We get so caught up in the past

Viewing frames of black and white


From hazy photographic reflections

Creased and folded

Sun kissed and rain rippled

Stashed in the trash on the corner

Of where memory meets coping meets habit

Meets today, tomorrow, yesterday

And sleepless nights


Individually ugly

Individual trauma


To somehow okay

 Taped and mended and patched

Flattened into a book like a time line

Like a wring worn quilt

Individually weak

Collectively Indestructible  


This is where I found my strength


Sun kissed and rain rippled

The strength of introspection

The strength for growth and change

A vehicle for change

I am that vehicle

With all I have

I will help facilitate


So you don't have to


Tell me about your childhood


Tell me about today



Acieves Conquers Excells


“What is your degree going to be in?”

“Social work!”

“What made you chose that? It’s not like you’re going to make any money.”

“Well, one day I would like to work with individuals who experienced

adverse childhood experiences.”



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I really liked your phrasing and how you chose to emphasize certain concepts by making a seperate line. Good imagery.

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