Flawed, Flawlesssly ..


Sometimes we predict the things we can’t see

SO unknown yet clear as day,

we seem to perceive


a term we now use for beauty

Yet I'm beautiful, just not flawlessly

Look at my face, I’m drawn imperfectly

Look at my past, flaws have forever followed me


why can my smile light atleast one, in every three?

Kindness, courage with faith, is some of my strategy

Follow my wisdom, i’ll lead you to peace

Follow my lead, as I adorn you simply

Be who YOU are, and watch how you sleep

You’ll never drift off with counting sorry sheep

I wonder ..

Where would I be, without being me ..

I’d be the sorry girl I once always seem to be,

Lost in a maze full of foolery

A world in which, we all seem to be

Where would I look if I tried to be SHE

A queen size bedspread, trying to become a king sized sheet

I inhale ..

Look at the BIG picture, one filled within we

Stop trying to compare, happiness falls under not one single tree

FIGHT for whatever shenanigans you believe

FIGHT for whatever makes you happy

Make yourself fit into your own society

I exhale ..

Then watch utopia begin to accept you,


Flawless I am, yet not to society, but

Society falls under the way he accepts me

which makes me ..

Flawed, flawlessly


- Imperfection is beauty, understand the legend, and die happy  -

Lady Jaey *


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