I will make it.


Navy scrub top

White scrub pants

White sneakers and my nametag.

I'm in the lab doing my skills, striving for perfection.

I will make it.


Tomorrow starts my internship

In which I will have my own patients

I finally get to put my skills to use.

I will make it.


The key is competence, which I have

For I have done these skills over and over

I could do them in my sleep. 

I will make it.


Four years of school, no problem.

All night studying for that test tomorrow, bring it on. 

I have a passion for nursing, I will make it. 

You will look at me and say "she made it"

I will make a difference. 


Making a difference makes me flawless. 

I will make it.


What's in my future you ask?

I will be an RN

I will save lives

As well as make people feel comfortable.

I will make it.


I have made the right choice

Top of my class

Competent with my skills

Compassionate with my patients

I am everything that it takes to be a wonderful nurse

I will make it. 




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