I'm Telling You

You're telling
us -
No, you're telling

You're telling us 

You're telling us
we can't look like that.
You're telling me
I can't wear

my favorite singer's

You're telling us
our skin has to be thin.
You're telling me
I can't drive.

in my minivan
and blast music.

Because "that's just not cool".

Well, guess what?
This is what I'm telling you:

I'm telling you
you look beautiful the way you are.
I'm telling you
I'm going to wear what I feel good in

and not care
what people think.

I'm telling you
your skin is lovely.
I'm telling you
to listen to 

your favorite singers
even if your friends think they're dumb.

I'm telling you
to be who you are.
I'm telling you
to smile

at everyone you meet -
because sometimes 

all we need is a smile.

stand with me.
And let's shout from
the rooftops of

the city
We Made It.
And say

"I am beautiful.
And we are beautiful


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