Beautiful Black Girl (Flawless)


I am a beautiful black girl.

I was born with beautiful kinky hair. 

I walk on beautiful thick thighs and I see through beautiful brown eyes.

I walk with my shoulders held high and yes, I come from strong roots; See I was built to withstand everything I go through.

I talk with power in my voice and I love the mind that I posess and over the years my beautiful ancestors have taught me to progress.

I love the power in my heart and the willingness I have to fight for what is true and I am rare, I don't come often. No other woman looks like I do.

See, I was made in Gods image; Hair like wool, Not meant to be permed but I was raised up to think "This is how I should look" but from the wrong people I've learned.

I should be proud to look like ME when I wake up & look in the mirror in the morning; Beautiful black skin, Beautiful full lips; No make up , No filter, No botox, No tanning, No Nothing. 

And although society has been taught to reject beautiful black girls like me, I will keep on standing tall becaus that's how the women in my roots taught me to be. 

And I will NOT break beacuse I am not built to despite the sticks and stones that have been thrown at me; despite the people who have called me ugly because I'm dark skinned, despite the black men who stopped loving me, Because i'm too strong willed, very opinionated and I stand up for what I believe in; Because I will not take being treated like less becaus for too long I have stood through being raped, ridiculed and beaten. 

I am a beautiful FLAWLESS black girl!

A little misunderstood, but still stronger than ever.

The strength of my backbone intimidates many, It has endured all seasons and does not break in ANY form of weather. 

So I will not back down, give up or ever apologize for being me because I love EVERY SINGLE INCH of this beautiful flawless black girl God created me to be!

I am a Beautiful black girl!



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