My Fantasy


In my fantasy I can do anything
I dream, I fly, and soar through the sky
That twinkles with the mesmerising stars of the universe
I surf without a board on the oceans surface
I touch the wave and feels its cool beauty on my finger tips
The sun feels warm on my skin though it's not shining
I can see all of the planets as they are within reach
And oh how I could tell you a story about each one and their swirling colors
I see the most breathtaking sea creatures swimming around me in the air
I find myself in the water looking up at them
I am overwhelmed with my own curiosity of this mystical nature
Of the fascinating creatures that seem to flow in a levitating manner
In this dream world, rain does not fall but it stands
Each drop has it's own meaning, a new way of life to discover
Yet it's just out of reach
A new birth in the meadow of crisp flowers and fresh dew
Lies a miracle of a child that we'll devote our lives to
We'll raise her well and show her how to dream
The future beholds our fantasy's queen

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