Ace as Hell

Fuck yes, 

I'm ace.

I'm ace as hell.


People might say I'm broken

or maybe confused

or that I just haven't met the right person.


Well, they're wrong.

My sex drive is 0.

And you know what? That's cool.


That's fucking awesome.

I didn't know what "asexual" meant

until like a year ago.


I couldn't describe myself

until I put it all together

in late September this year


Now that I know

I can understand better

Who I am, and what I'll become


I explained it to a friend I came out to as:

"I'll marry a guy, and cuddle and kiss,

I just don't want the D, lol"


Why not be proud?

So I'm not like the norm,

Who cares?


Fuck yes.

I'm ace.

I'm ace as hell. 



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