s t o r m


for the longest time i was
unsure of myself i thought
i was just a fading star or
a single grain of sand
hollow, empty
but i learned, like humans do
i learned how to love myself the
way that other people love me and i
learned to recognize that flaws
are necessary for me to
see because i
i have to learn
that i am my worst critic and
that striving for perfection
is what makes living
worth it so i grew
i grew up and understood that
i must love myself and i
grew stronger so now when
i look at myself i am no longer just
a fading star i
look at myself and 
i see the entire universe emitting
light and color i see the entire
electromagnetic spectrum and i
know that every cell in my body is
working to keep me here and alive
and i learned to love myself so that i
grew from a grain of sand, a piece
of dust into a force of nature like
a hurricane i became a 
sandstorm and i know that
i am a force to be reckoned with

-sg || 2:30 pm || january 25
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