Giving More


I have come to a consensus

To respect my bare hands,

And to gleam at the man I have built

To add structure to surrounding lands.

I have also learned over time

To disregard the closed doors,

And to recognize that one open door

Will always lead to more.


I view myself as a man

Who is capable of retaliation

When the imperfections of the world

Make attempts at self-immolation.

I also now turn my head

Away from those who growl and roar,

And when they ask I turn away,

I simply respond by Giving More.


And when I fall in my final attempt

To satisfy the world’s needs,

I do not simply disappear

Or perform any act of raw greed.

Instead, I accompany a young one

To the same spot I faced defeat,

And aid him as he makes his mark

And drives adversity into retreat.


I feel I am a shield carried

To the most unspeakable of wars,

And release the statement every waking moment,

“Let’s go beyond the stars”.

I tell those around me to join hands

And not to push each other to the floor,

And when the world tries to hold me down,

I simply respond by Giving More.


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My community
Our world
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