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I've never had my head spin and blank out so hard,Never tried to stay awake for nights,Because the darkness was absolutely terrifyng,The ones you trust become an unsure thing,
If my mother truly knew best,  then why is it that my father is here and not her?   You keep telling me that I should trust in my mother,  BUT the second I do, it gets thrown back in my face, ten-fold.
You ruined love for me,  Because you made me feel like I could finally have everything that I dreamed it could be. You found me when I was in the darkest place,
You ruined love for me,  Because you made me feel like I could finally have everything that I dreamed it could be. You found me when I was in the darkest place,
They know me by my anger, not by my heart   They know me by my pain, not by my soul   They know me oh so well they shatter my essence from the inside out
If she were a pot she’d be boiling to the rim.If her hair was her ego she could use a little trim.She should watch her words and make sure she doesn’t blurt,or else she knowsshe’s in for a world of hurt. If she were a balloon, she’d be overinflate
I’ve been annihilated By all your Countless cruelties Patiently, painstakingly Sewn into the circuits of my brain Structurally, I’ll never be the same Moment by moment I could only endure
1. Silent. Keep walking. This is not worth my attention. - 2. I don't have the energy for this. If you're gonna try something, just do it, or leave me alone. -
To me you’re the sun. Now I know that sounds fun. But it’s not in the way that you’d think. Like waking up to your rays, With them blinding my gaze,
A suitcase was left on my porch that was full of body parts.When I learned whose body it was, it really broke my heart.I burst into tears when I learned that it was my son.I hunted the killer down and shot him with my gun.
Tu te couches Manouche Comme une mouche Sans prendre ta douche Très loin de moi Où tu ressembles à une croix
[TW: SUBTLE ALLUSION TO SELF HARMING] I'm not writing, I'm carving into this paper like it was stone. I'm carving, I'm doing it on this paper so I don't do it all over my body, All over my whole self.
"You seem like you're doing better," They say, with hesitation - On halfway-bad days I still feel it, A screaming coal burning itself Through the tissues of my lungs - "I'm definitely doing better,"
tremendous and snarling the glinting of teeth who once called you darling now comes from beneath the twisted endeavors of a lover turned sour like a fistful of feathers
I’m not angry at you Ya know? I might have been angry Or sad Or frustrated Or some combination of that Mixed with the feeling of being utterly destroyed But I was never angry at you
I've always been the kind of person To dig a splinter out, With my teeth, if I have to- Instead of soaking it in water And waiting for it came out on it's own. - Even if it made the pain worse at first,
Man... Can I Get A Witness... ?!? Cos It Seems That Some People... Just Do Not Know How To Mind Their Business... !!! As If They Can See Through The Eye of MY Needle... Needle As In My Resorting To Sin...
When It Comes To Responses... I Rise ABOVE Nonsense That Most Heads Be Dropping... !!! Because I Now Find That TOO Many Minds... Have Become Inclined To Think That They’re Right Pretty Much ALL The Time... ?!?
That I shouldn't write my poetry about the curse I know as love? Each time I have written a poem about a "Lover" that it goes to the stagnant waters; the same green grass or moss that has shattered me each time I jump from that bridge.
Ya Know ... It’s On The Rise ... ANGRY Vibes ... !!! Because of The Crimes of Modern Times ...
If we have life If we have love Our would be impeccable No more lies Only truth Just me and you in this world No more lies No more anger No more hatred No more insecurities
Disgust is in disguise. In the world's crust, it hides. But it’s all on us, we normalize. We adapt to pain to make chains. And no change.
MAGIC CARPET RIDE   Come hear my heart Let the sound take you away Feel the melted kiss from yesterday....   Like a floating feather On a magic carpet ride Together
It all starts with a disagreement A word that didn’t just sound right You try to explain Try to have them see your side of the story Minds begin to brew
𝔜𝔬𝔲'𝔯𝔢 𝔞 𝔯𝔢𝔡 𝔞𝔭𝔭𝔩𝔢 𝔉𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔫 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔤𝔯𝔬𝔲𝔫𝔡 𝔇𝔢𝔞𝔯 𝔶𝔬𝔲'𝔯𝔢 𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔟𝔯𝔬𝔴𝔫 𝔄𝔫𝔡 ℑ 𝔴𝔢𝔭𝔱, 𝔣𝔬𝔯 ℑ 𝔱𝔥𝔬𝔲𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝔜𝔬𝔲 𝔴𝔢𝔯𝔢 𝔰𝔴𝔢𝔢𝔱 𝔦𝔫 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔠𝔬𝔯𝔢 𝔅𝔲𝔱 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔞𝔯𝔢 𝔬𝔥 𝔰𝔬 𝔯𝔬𝔱𝔱𝔢𝔫
Did you ever even care about my opinion? If you didn’t know, I do have one I think that you’re a selfish, apathic a-hole And somedays I used to wonder if you even had a soul
See I'll... ASSASSINATE Your Character If You Expose Vernacular ... That Proves You SUCK ... WHAT Yuh Like Dracula ... !!! Like Jeru’ I Will Damage Ya With Wordplay That's SPECTACULAR ... !!!!!
Remember that time you tried to hurt me? That day when you put your hands on me? That day when you took away what was once so precious? What possessed you to rip away the soul of a child? That kid was so innocent.
Are you so invested in the easment of your own internal quarrel that you've gone so far as to project your disposition on the fate of others? Have you thusly desposed of the morals taught by mothers?
That's Right My ANGER Yes... My ANGER... !!!!!! Is PERFECTLY Fit For A... Poetic BANGER... !!! You See My ANGER FEEDS... Poetic Seams That Most CAN'T Believe... !!! That's NOT EGO Peeps'... !!!
Turmoil, It’s a-a-a word all too familiar to me The turbulent soul with hair like wood grain Sometimes Sometimes it’s more orderly, less entropic
When the windeth blows, it's ev'r so cold But nev'r as such within mine soul F'r thoust claim'd I'm dark withineth But I hast not commit'd sineth   Shall clouds rolleth in, I dear proclaim
Wolves howl on this silent night. Singing out anguish to the moon. Letting their fear and anger be known. Raising their voices, letting their pain be known.
Ya Know I’m Sick of Them Talking Yeah Talking Bout’ WARRING … !!! When Wars They Be Courting Are Weak Like … “ Steve Hawking “ … !!!!!
I pretended to sleep, so you’d leave me alone.  But you didn’t leave me alone, at all.  And now its a secret I hold.
That pain that I felt in my chest yesterday is in my gut today And I don't know if it's the heartbreak  moving through my veins into other parts of me or if it happens to be the alcohol
How the hell are you so blind? Yes I'm the Devil in disguise Ask the God you love so much If I am worth his saving touch Ask the spirits that I see If they will ever, ever leave
***ADAPTED FROM ORIGINAL LYRICS WRITTEN BY ME*** I'll quarantine my heart Keep it close but keep it far From anyone Who might say they love me You should have been my cure Your medicine was never pure
Okay It's Time To Say … " Hi " … !!! To The … " Rhyming Bad Guy " … !!!!! NO Bats or Gats or Violent Raps ... !!!!! Just Poetic Words That CLEARLY HURT … !!! Those Who Like Fables And Dishing Out Labels …
Ya Know These Days It Seems That Many Believe … That They're Ready To See … " The KILLER in Me " … !?! Now Why Would They REALLY Want To See … ANGER That Swells … DEEP Inside of Me … ?!?
Raging sea, inside of me. Inside my mind I'll forever be. Anger turns to madness. Joy turns to sadness. I crumble and fall. I grasp and I claw; and yet, still I lose it all. I beg and I crawl. Please take this pain away, I plead.
you buried our relationship six feet underground you didn’t leave a single flower, you didn’t even bother with a fucking tombstone all i was to you,
It's About THAT TIME ... To Use STRAIGHT Rhymes To EXORCISE ... What Rests Inside My ... ANGERED Mind ... !!!!! A Mind That Tries To OPEN Eyes ... of Those With Sight Whose Vision's ... "Blind" ... !!!
I don't want to carry this with me anymore - I want my body to die and take this trauma with it - Bury us in a shallow grave to rot away, Until mold and insects and scavengers
Count 1 … Not guilty Count 2 … Not guilty Count 3 … Not guilty Count 4 … Not guilty Count 5 … Not guilty   My heart sinks like an anchor to the bottom of the sea. No reaction can be shown,
I am made of memories A collection of recollections bundled up inside a ball of anxiety and fear Someone who wants nothing more than to forget what's wrong with them So much so that the light that escapes cannot be caught
Traumatized Shaking, Crying not leaving home because the nightmares keep following you Keys in your fist Pepper Spray in the other
 I never was one for roller coasters, I like my feet firmly on the ground, thanks. But I’ve bought a ticket, I’m going to ride, so push your fucking mood swing higher. Look, ma, no hands.
Stuffy nose, pale raindrops. Bloody crotch with cotton swab remains. Breathe in his scent and cough out the weed.Tight smiles with longing glares...toothless grins with bold hazel eyes. I'm craving. He's beautiful to me, fucking beautiful.
I see kindness and love. Then, I see black, pitch black darkness. 
I have been asked "Why my poetry is so angry ?" It's ANGRY ... because of things I see !!! BROKEN Families ... MTV ... Men who live to make money People who just stare at me ?!?
That beautiful girl Under the blossom tree Reading her books She never acknowledged me. And in my mind I knew she never would And even though I wanted to, I knew I never could.
“Silence” he commanded As he slapped my frozen face I need a meal for my stomach I have not eaten in days Or perhaps it has been longer
The world is dry and I wish to find an oasis, I am delirious with thirst and the scorpion's poison looks like lemonade I am trying not to turn to toxin but the things I feel are tragic I wish to have no part in them
How juvenile you most be to hold that which you hate so closely You call me companion when, in your own mind, that word is synonymous with scum You are the true "companion" Rest in no less than peace
Me By kaleena mojarro   I am alost for words for words  I have no muse  You did more then just break me    I am alost for words 
Do you hear the storm coming? feel the thunder shaking the ground? can you see the lightning in the distance? feel the wind weaving through your clothes? can you hear the rain getting closer and louder and heavier?
There is sadness in these bones Deep in the marrow of the house that is my body I am a home to grief and anger You cannot see it in my skin and in my flesh But I flash my teeth and you finally recognize
These heavy hearted warriors  With medals on their wrists   These sadness stricken gladiators  The world can not resist.                       They fight their daily battles 
Small and innocent I may appear, But when angry, I'm able to strike fear.  Rage isn't a righteous practice, but for me it became a common habit.  I seem to loose all demeanor and control.
"REBMEMER." Those are the 8 black letters tatooed on his chest. The eight letters that are actually "REMEMBER" backwards, So that every morning, when he wakes up on base,
"Boys don't cry" Has been my recent state of mind But I'm sure that it must be a lie Because now I'm flooding on the inside I am leaking from the outside And I am plenty of a boy
***Trigger Warning***   “Boys will be boys” “Let bygones be bygones” “Forget about it” “Get over it.”
I am an American citizen  Born and raised a southwestern Virginian  A member of the USA's dominion  Yet people are still of the opinion
 i think about it all as i lay here on this sofa alone,doing my best to walk the right pathas i struggle to change my life,,,, so many claim i'll be there when ya needsomeone to talk to for support,but like many before now, where ya at?reminds me
They're sisters for each other, but still bicker Family that once was   Then the summer of 2012 comes around An eleven-year-old girl
Before... I was a humble slave Bowing before your wishes. I attempted to craft myself to your pleasing But it never lasted.  
I'll cut you off. It'll be easy. Like a wart from flesh, though not as fresh, I relish the day that you confess,   As I step on stage, wearing the very same dress, I wore that day when you professed,
What drugs made you think of me, My helpful little helper bee? The pollination of disease, Upon your naked worm I feed,   I wish that I could free your soul, My whirly, girly, rolly-poll,
I. DENIAL They lie to me  and say that you are not here. But the wind still blows, the sky still blue, the grass green. I will see you tomorrow. II. ANGER
Dear mom, I’m tired of your games, Tired of you telling me that I will never make it. You never know my true thoughts And I refuse to share them with you,
“We need to talk.”   White bay windows overlook the block. We always closed the blinds up here. Keeps the neighbors from shock.
I ripped my heart from my chest, as I am apt to do; "Do you believe in God?" Does "God" believe in you? I wasn't raised a Catholic, but I know Baptists,
I can still hear it ringing in my ear It’s been months now, but I still can’t shake the fear Tears roll down my face Thinking back on the time when I was all but safe       I still remember the stormy weather
I was afraid to be heard. Afraid to be spoken to or with. I was supposed to be the loudest in the room, and yet I was the quietest.  I feared fear itself, It feasted on my brain and my thoughts
I have no clue what I want to do in life. My brain seems to attack things, Nothing can survive my piercing gaze. Everything I see is quickly judged and cast out upon a twisted world.
. . . right away, you’ll see it’s difficult to find: (That -- while it’s true, it’s only You able to see inside your, Mind, -- ) Lost thoughts often  become begotten
My anger is not a star Bursting with untamable fire Stubbornly bright  When drowning in darkness And boiling beneath the surface To drive out the cold. It's a double edged sword The weapon 
I am an angry woman.    No, I don't have picket signs propped up in my garage or a coarse voice, from screaming. I've never marched down a street with proud sisters,
The Sun is so warm That the grass is very green, And here's panda bear!
I envy their happiness  How they pull off those lies.  Wishing love  But truly dying inside.  Whenever they’re up close  It’s hard to focus on it sometimes They way their greyness shows 
I see death taking a toll on my shoulders The darkness overflows and my flesh starts to feel colder I can feel myself fade away I notice that everything around me remains the same
Who are you? I do not know you. I do not know you vile ways,The way you take pleasure in wounding me so.
it’s not about being sensitive it’s not about being a social justice warrior it’s not about being PC and no i’m not triggered   it’s about feeling safe it’s about feeling comfortable
Nothing hurts more than realizing that as you stood, Tears in your eyes, Body trembling, They stared coldly and lied to your face.   ~awatr
Anger is my Fault. Sadness is my Fault. Emotions are my Fault. Everything I lack is my Fault.   How one bad day, Can spread,
Anger is my Fault. Sadness is my Fault. Emotions are my Fault. Everything I lack is my Fault.   How one bad day, Can spread,
I.   Every emotions we have has its colors Others were basically there to brighten Like happiness, always there to enlighten
She told me I had tiger’s eyes. Fierce and bright and violent. Usually, my eyes were soft. Smooth like molten chocolate, But in moments like these, When disrespect runs rampant,
The anger flows strong, bitter,waves pummeling all in their path,winds, waters, sky all swelling, seethinginto unstoppable force, ready to mangle life,mutilate land, rupture lives.
As people, we’re always judgmental Some of us pick on others Until that person is dismantled I hate that this is a dog eat dog world Where is the positivity for the boys and girls?
Thus the Reaper picked up his tools, He took to his hands the metals forged in blood, He reached for the scythe with anger and wrath, According to his oath he upheld his mantle. Looking towards the foggy moors,
Teach me, love.   Anger envelops me, I never resist it. This type of behavior will lead me to felonies. Please stain my memories. Teach me forgiveness.
There is only so much a person can take   Anger is a dangerous emotion
Your eyebrows pinch together when you're angry. I always ask: "Are you angry?" And you say no. You always say no.   Maybe, instead, you're frustrated because you always dream too big.
When I was young, You were already there in my world,  Invisible but broad in other ways, And I've always wondered why you stayed, When all you've done is give, And I'll I've done is take.  
Will this madness ever subside, Really am not so sure. Many a times I've tried to relax, Only to whack the living room door.   Really need to get some sleep, What is it I need to do?
OnceThey loved usNowWe forget the very reason We thought so  OnceThey said they can't live without youNowThat's what they'd rather do
Monster Alexis Beyers   There was a monster starving within, never satisfied with what I gave to him.
Come, come, come with me Let’s embrace each other,  seep into me. It’s warm and deep.   But there’s something underneath.  
"I am picking out the glass underneath my feet from stepping on your littered beach. I tossed it back into your sea and poisoned the wildlife, killed off its resources. The water grew toxic so I couldn't swim.
"All this time I thought, all this time I thought things could be fixed, like that time I broke the door open with my fist. Left a hole in the wood, splinters on my skin, was bleeding from the knuckles, felt the pain set in.
After the day is almost done Tears fall from my face I try to keep doing right But they keep telling me to quicken the pace   I try to hold back the anger But it is all in vain  So many feelings
I bottle up rage and I choke it down Until I explode on anyone around I want to scream I want to yell I want everyone to know I am going through hell But poetry has given me 
Reading the "Giving Tree"again at age twenty-three, made me reflect onmy current anger with my mother.She has been there for mebut as I have grown older, she became the boy and I became the tree.
SometimesI am a lost causeSomeone who is Too depressingToo anxiousToo broken Too far gone In the silence that isMy own frayed mindAnd you don't wantThat mind receiving 
I wish you would Just tell me you hate me. Regret my existence, Abuse and berate me. Send me away With hatred and Scorn. Hurt me so deep, Down into my core. Curse my conception,
I remember your smile, The way it would light up your face. How your laugh would sound, And sing throughout my body. I remember your anger, And how it would scare me. The way you'd get sad
My emotions belong in a cage, Eventually, slowly, hesitantly plotting a war to wage. If I ever let them show, let them out, they’ll raise hell, For the vultures, they ring the dinner bell,
Red blotched scarred face, Clenched teeth, Mouth with a sour bitter taste, Scarlet eyes bleeding pain, Agitated menacing thoughts in the brain, Balled up fists, white bruised knuckes, Tense,alert body
There are many ways to be afraid Ways to hide in fright No- one there to help
When the morg fills with these bones of mine, please know that I was not alone. For inside me, was mind, made 1 and 3, the soul to which I cling from with in is composed of the holy trinity.
When I was young I could not hear I would stand there and wail screech like a banshee Ahhhhhh,for food Ahhhhhh,for drink
There’s a storm growing inside of me A storm I can not explain, It’s whirling and growing vastly It’s going to explode my brain.  
i wish you the worst, the same that you wished me i hope you drown, just like you told me you looked me in the eyes, spring of twenty eighteen you fucked me up, and i should've just screamed
    i blind those that blaspheme my   omnipresent and invisible nature.   to my shoving nudges   you deny and you tear   and shield your eyes from  
 Cut off my leg and sharpen my bone I stab myself for every time I thought you wouldn’t leave me alone. I was an idiot to think that you wouldn’t go but how the hell would I know
Imagine waking up early and feeling all happy Then by nine pm, you've got all snappy The girl you loved is now a whore And you're one wrong word from a hole in the wall
Each relationship begins As a blank canvas  And ends either
She was ripped from us We never had a chance to say  Goodbye I think of her Every Single  Day Mad Angry Upset Yes, you made me feel But, I wish I had a chance
Like a raging fire fueled by the gasoline of hatred, my soul hungers for revenge. Nothing burns hotter than the flame inside of a scorned woman. It destroys anything with the audacity to endure the heat.
the fracture in my soul is buried deep and my mind is cracking with it. eliciting such rage as the red flag waved in front of the gentle bull in a china shop.  the memory of your touch
Let the darkness of the clouds grow Let the wind blow  Let the lightning soar Let the thunder roar 
the third time she broke the bulletproof glass i knew we needed to talk   the same glass gates her heart’s fire alarm  
[I've never been one for screaming. But when something hurts deeply, I chastise for hours -- albeit at a normal volume.] These instincts betray me. The good nature I try to uphold
Dear Mom,
Within the corners there are shadows And within the shadows there is a woman Named Miss Mary Maddows Mary isn’t quite merry
The hallway was quiet.
Anger Hate I want to be I want to do But I can't  Because it's you You make me feel these things Things I can't control And all of them different Love Hate Anger
I am a fire Burning through life Time Friends Family  Potential I burn them all It's not like I mean to But a fire can't control what it burns Please stay out of my way
High and low Never normal Always fighting Am I losing the battle Some days it feels like it Always on my mind Always there Like a leech Or a tick Blood-sucking bastard
Dear Red,   I see the madness in your eyes, The insanity, the love. It’s a not matter of the chicken or the egg, But what came first?
To put up with these facades, the importance mirage, I deserve applause What cause need be for them to see that their rules needn’t apply to me?
I hated you I did You were loud and boisterous  you wanted to be beautiful you wanted to be liked your first day of school at a predominantly white elementary school you looked for someone 
Dear frustration, To my most frequent feeling, Who comes along with anger, Who comes along with stress, Who makes me abandon what I’m doing.
Dear Dad   When you left, Everything went to shit.   I cried, But you were never there.  
Sometimes at night, when the second-hand ticks endlessly, forever mocking me for my inability to grasp the embrace of sleep because I am too busy thinking about you and the burn
Why can't you just be happy? My brain is hardwired for sadness You look tired. Are you sleeping? Sometimes. It's hard to fall asleep Why is it so hard to fall asleep?
Which way will you turn? Blinkers stay unlit, One land, Two sea, None by inept driver. Absent headed fool in traffic we sit, Stick figure family, mocking riders.  
Have you ever felt a presence that is there but not Quite there? Sometimes escaping is before us and we never Take it.
Dear Anger You seem to be ever present Everywhere I turn, you are there You push me You pull me You put me in situations that I never wanted to be in
I am ancient hopes,  I am fragile dreams,  I am the stony, hardened tears of a soul with too many years, in a journal with degraded seams as a blind heart in darkness gropes  
Dear Future Jeff,   I have so many questions, Don’t know where to start. Are we keeping it together, Or continuing to fall apart?   Right now, I’m really excited, Not sure what to say.
Dear Fate, Since the day I was born exposed to the empty canvas called life, that I was never in control of, we’ve been playing each other. Locked in a stalemate. I play as the mighty king;
Every time I had to deal with your altitude Every single problem ranges in amplitude Breaking my barrier with your end behavior
Dear Neighbor. My family isn't from around here. I did not grow up in these coastal neighborhoods. It's not like your family. With your nice dog and your kind husband and your quiet sons.
Teardrop smile,She rolls with grace.Sad.Happy.Angry even.It rolls with grace,Your teardrop smile.
I get bitter when I think about you Skin burning Blood convulsing just below the surface Angry not that you are gone But at the way you left.  
There has alway been a fire in your eyes. No one knows what you are even like. There's a burning sensation, Within your damnation. No one knows what I go through, Even though there's a dew. Under the mist and fog, You're a damn old hog.
At times of utter chaos, the mind sleeps. Hiding behind a closure, until vulnerable no more. And days later, after closure, comes a newfound fascination- in what exactly happened.  
These days they're less likely to bleed through, us that is It's immaculate how you say you love me but yet I cannot see it I do not breathe it when we touch anymore, it is empty
When I was 6 years old I saw my mama weeping She was crying in the back seat and I just took a whoopin When it was all over she said that she was proud of me, that one day I would grow and succeed
Her Storm screams pain of something most won't understand, It's Storm of sorrow, belligerent pain. Rain is a new phase. Things are washed away and starts anew... untill the next passionate rage. 
Of all men Stands tall, proud A statue of stoic narcissism "Impressions matter," The words of an impressionist  
Dear Anger, You tear away at the best of me Cloud my eyes and all I see is you Nothing else in front of me comes through You are the demon inside of me Ruining the love I found
How could she not understand The pain she is causing her children She believes that my father will take all of us And he isn't holding us captive its our choice
i scream and shout  finally letting my anger out hurting everyone around me  this isnt how i want to be   standing here  shaking like a leaf  i put my anger away like a sword in a sheath 
you think a lot you think about the space above the planets and stars when you're sad and alone oh how you wish to be a star you bet stars don't have to deal with what you have to deal with
Being an adolescent is a roaring, ever-changing ocean and the new experiences are brave, plummeting waves. However at times, I feel as little as a sail boat- being drowned by an avalanche of furious waves.
a raging flame. eyes shadowed. jaw tight. readying the vessel, for battle.
You are an artist when it comes to words.  Your tongue is the brush, my heart the canvas.  You knew just the words to paint my heart  the color of love you promised me.  You charmed me with reds of passion. 
We are not less than We are your equals We are not your captives We are not your vassals
Look to the line of morality. Your mentality, lost from actuality Where my red hand stands in a land you don’t understand And you try to reprimand me? Listen, I demand!   Perhaps I am reticent, hesitant
Days, Days go by, He has nothing to say. Cry, All you can do is scream, You just cry until your eyes are dry. Dream,
The monster isn’t under your bed or in your closet anymore but reidentified as savage thoughts and emotions monsters, like enemies, fighting an infinite war in your head
Through the Years
Ever so corrupted Is our society We need to lay hatred to bed Yet the others do not see   I have become humanities scapegoat Its as if this earth is on mute Its arms around my throat
You were a fucked up kid, so was I Because of you No problem; mom she did everything she could You should've used a condom But no; I'm blessed and love the people in my life You can't screw up that too
My anxiety cripples me I take it on as a first line of defense My tongue’s as sharp as a knife, I’ll cut you with my words until you bleed apologies I’m the kind of anxious that gets too comfortable
The sun reflected milky white off my skin outside the gym When you asked me where my sister was I told you that she was sick   You asked me what I meant  
I can see the dying trees And the blooming flowers, The strikes of lightening  And the drizzling rain.  All through my window I can see these things.    I can see the working bees
Dear Past,  
To whom it may concern, Actually, you’re the one that should be concerned. I would say your name but even when I call on your name You still don’t listen.
I hope you know this simple fact, And if you don’t by now, I’m gonna say I’m sorry for you, Because all I can say is… Wow.   I sort of hate your face, And your kind-of crooked smile,
alone burning with anger becoming stone the only defense she gets hate from a stranger she didn't do anything worth offense .
Two plus two equals four stupid bitch  im tired of all your petty shit  you were my all  now watch my wings fall  ill stick up my middle finger  as I walk down the hall  so everyone can see 
My Mother, is someone who... Wouldn't be the person you would run to. ...Most of the time. But my Father is. My Mother, is someone who likes to tell you you're perfect the way you are, Abnormalities and all,
it makes me mad to see how you don't care about  how your children feel 
You walked out on me. You left me. I lost you , you lost yourself.   Only way to describe our relationship is a black pit;  Bottomless and dissapointing.   I call your phone to remind myself 
Through my dark eyes and out of the shattered window I see fire An endless and chaotic fire with flames of hatred I hear the cry of people coming to their deaths
God take hold of my brain I'm tired of feeling insane Everyday we live in pain Already found the blame  Yet life remains the same Whose to shame Well, tell God I'm planning
It is terrible. All the hatred in our world. How can this happen?
Nobody knows that I faced a fork in the road. One was angry, violent, and antisocial.   A klepto that stole pills from sick grandparents   and money from boyfriends who'd worked hard for it.
Mop the floors, Dust the shelves, Stay indoors, Keep to yourselves, We can yell, No throwing anything breakable,
“You’re too driven by emotion”, Too driven by emotion?   The last syllable from his lips brought prickling needles to my cheeks.
Because I loved him My heart was caged, belonging to a single owner Not myself, but to him my keeper My actions not my own My words coaxed from my mouth Following wherever he lead me
My vessel has been anchored, attacked, and conquered Leaving the pieces shattered and somber Stranded within a dynamic society My lifeless bones still dance with gaiety   Misguided, unrequited, i have lost my light And here i lie undecided if sink
She melted the sun, He took away the moon.   She plucked the stars from the sky, He organized them into neat piles.   She painted the roses white, He ran them over with his truck.  
I dream as any other does, and I breathe. I see as any other does, and I cry.
Masks hide the face from everything, with many shapesColors, and ShadesA mask of Purple hides my depressionA mask of Red hides my angerA mask of Pink hides my feeling of love.
Anger is a roaring lion hunting for its prey Deadly as an attacking Black Widow's bite Soaking up all emotions of joy Ripping apart strong friendships and, Leaving a trail, darkness and destruction.
In this here and now I don't hear it now A void like the plague Has swept through And so cleared out The sound of laughter Crying Without a doubt is gone No memory lane  
Hello boys and girls, I want to tell you all a story. Do not worry this isn't long at all and I will be done here shortly. Once upon a time there was a girl who looked just like me-
I am no more a beautiful, My bruises made intentional; They watched as though a wonder occurred, Twas mine right eye through agony suffered.
You sell your soul to make it. Working long hours, for money, yet someone comes and take it.
Anger is a virus that takes hold of every fiber in your body It corrupts the interface of your brain and every thought Anger is so intense and sometimes becomes one’s identity
I've seen a lot of red   The first when leaving my mom on the first day ever Running downstairs to show dad Excitement, not fear, not nearves I was too young then   Bloody noses, bloody knees
here i am. here i'll be  when all around  is shadows. not peace welcome to my world  of sharp claws and teeth don't say that your bored  you'll just make me angry. so i warn you now.. 
Anger rises in me today, But angry things are not what I want to say. I don't want to say how I'm angry at man, For doing as much destruction as they can, I don't want to say how I much I hate,
Like a little kid When the lights go out My soul is dark and scary This there is no doubt My brain wages a war it cannot face
you feel burned again and you can't breathe again, feet in mud again, stuck can't see again, but my minds free again, my veins they bleed again, my heart it beats again, these dreams will see again,
 Denial This isn’t happening to me…I opened my eyes but chose not to see…Daily forced to face myself again…What to do when strength loses and weakness wins… Anger  Why is this happening to me…?I followed the written and unwritten plan…Never give t
My Fiery Anger_Fear it, for it burnsDread it, until it returnsLike a heated furnace it melts a frozen ironShatters any victim, piercing than a sharpen fierce thorn
You trust me, don’t you? I love you. You whispered so sweetly, I believed you, I believed you could free me from my cage. I loved you, I trusted you.   Our bound was unreliably new
I, too, hear America singing I am appalled by the dissonance piercing my ears I am abandoned by this country I call home I don’t want to hear their justifications or accusations
it happened again everyone i trusted just blew up in my face the grenade ripped flesh and I am bleeding more than metaphorically get the fuck out you dont care you are sitting out there having so much fun 
I keep thinking that someone needs to pay What can i do to make that happen I know i never will do a thing because of my nature Yet the fact they never saw my true pain frustrates me to no end I wish i punched you
Damn this life away from home. Away from all that  I have ever known. 
Scarecrow and lion Tin Man too Side by side All in awe Too much dust Not enough water Covered up truths Buried under evil
I take a deep breathInhale deepTo keep my tearsKeep all of my unwarranted hurtunwanted angerAt bayDespite the boiling rageThat unexplicit betrayal insideI smiled on the outside
At sixteen, He was your wet dream Scream, I mean, On one day this, and on one day that But I know this fact There’s no going back.   So love him, no you hate him Show you what?
I was pathetic.I was lost.I wasn’t me anymore…. because of you. I would indulge in..I would desperately seek.I would want…. alcohol because of you.
The fire turns blue Eyes turn red Sanity is overdue Life becomes a thread   Pages are turning Daises are dancing The thoughts begin churning War looks enticing  
Angery, Impatient, Misunderstood The feelings I had exactly a year ago Angery The energy I built inside with everyone Because I never picked my battles Becuase I hated where I was Impatient
Even if I knew what to do, What does this matter even mean to you?   Don't chastise me for what's been done.   If I recall correctly, You didn't disagree. Sure, the result wasn't favorable,
2016 was my year of discovery and it wasn't just discovering friends or anything superficial like that not to say that friends are superficial but anyways 2016 was the year i started discovering
We fight to win we fight to win We close our eyes We stop our ears We shout to shout Not to convince or tell a truth We fight to win we fight to win
Our mother is angry. She rattles in her sleep. There's a burning spirit among her. Her children, taking the heat.
In this lifeHesitation, anger, worryIn this lifeFear, confusion, warIn this lifeThese regrets run wildDestroying everythingIn this lifeThere are things called dreamsIn this life
If ever under an old gray treeWhen hesitation and anger scold free Remember the soft glow of the old jagged moon
A tissue flewaway on the wind.Dancing,and spinning,and floatingso gracefully. The pure white tissue,forever etched in my mindagainst the bright blue sky.It was remarkably 
The clock strikes 2 am As I wait for him To blow down the doors The phone rings That is probably him I answer it It was not my husband Rushing downtown I run through the doors
The world was silent. Well, not really. It carried on in it's Usual ruckus of noise As if nothing had changed. But my ears were no longer listening.   Four wheels pulled into the parking lot
You know what's funny? The way you seem to think that all is right in the world. That everything is working out great for you. But you cannot seem to fathom the destruction, put onto others, brought on by you.
JoyAngerLoveI fell in love with Jesus last yearMy Lord and SaviorDied for me, Rose...for meAnd I am in love with HimAnd He is in love with meWe are oneAnd I am free LoveJoyAngerI am angry Angry all the time nowMy Savior didn't do this but life jus
I'm angry I have no idea why the fuck why, but if I did, I'd do something about it I'm angry If I knew why the hell I was angry I'd tell you. But I don't, so I won't, because I can't I'm angry
With eyes like thunder, The girl raged like the sky and Spewed lighting as if it were words. With mirroring fury, The ocean thrashed and beat the cliffs As the girl swept away her room and
I am an environmentalistI am an activistI am a realist I am an elitist And I AM an Atheist But I am NOT a damn cynic!!  I believe that with our own hands we are destroying the organisms that roam this planetWith NO acknowledgement of the fact thes
You're down because you've been changing in ways you had never hoped nor planned   The years have gone by and as you look back you scrutinize your mistakes that you can't stand  
Over time, I've seen hate I've seen resentment and anger If I were asked if I could relate,
Drowning in sorrow from the choices I've made in my past, Only God knows how long this pain is going to last. No one seems to know the heartache I have to swollow,
The only letters I’ve ever kept Are apology letters Every single one from my father Because it’s easier for him to write to me And leave it in my room while I’m sleeping Than to look me in the face  
He said it was a moment of darkness, Yes we know Some of us far too well, The deafening echo of the death bell;  in an instance a family is draped in sadness.   And now we question ourselves
Red clouds my sight and burns in my mind A fire ever consuming and always ever brewing   The heat feeds off my heart slowly tearing me apart Bright, colorful flames
SilenceAll there ever wasAll there ever isI hope it won't always beSilenceBetween usAgainst usFor usIt's tortureDaysMonthsYears of silence at a timeI can't stand it anymore. 
Introverted and maybe a little perverted I stay inside my room with no plans for returnin' My life is going down and it seems like its burnin'
Did i suceed? or did i go blind? because of the greed i got tears in my eyes  but no longer I see  and tears eventually dry  so suck it up you fiend its not as if you died 
I get up in the morning because I’m angry Angry at the world, angry at the people in it Angry how the color of someone’s skin determines how they’re treated
To my autistic brother: The older I get the more I reflect on the past and think about the problems we all had growing up so fast
Beads of pellucid sweat mixing with briny tears painstakingly white knuckles cracking, air catching In pockets of charred lungs
Do not assume I am in love with you. Do not think that my hands clenching the front of your shirt in tight fists, are clenched tight with the desire to pull you close. My hands are holding you because you are here.
She wakes up to the cries of her hungry child. Another night another hungry tummy experience. She hobbles to her baby’s cot, And feeds her from a dry breast, Before taking a cup of dirty water,
But no, I won't listen to the way Your heart breaks ever so softly. The way it hits the ground like fresh snow, Shattering everyday. The way it ticked off-key Was enough to incite anger 
He holds onto me Even when I loosen my hold on Him He holds onto me Even when I feel I'm letting go   My hand's sweaty with fear Worn with temptations Disjointed with pride
Parent or provider? Do you wake up to a happy home? Do you enjoy "family time" Do you even get famly ime? Misunderstood? yelled at?
You just cannot tell me To respect the men in blue When I'm still a runaway, Post-slave to the system Still a blooded Indian Still a blooded African Still the 'other American in their eyes.
You say Beauty comes from within, but you always make it about my body. You say Patience is a virtue, but you keep wanting to go faster. You say With age comes experience,
Walking down Eastlands in Nairobi with my head bowed and my hands pocketed at 3am has always been such a beautiful thing to me.
As words crawl up and out of my throat My fingers desperate to find the right note Heart as heavy as lead but fragile as glass Watching the ceiling fan, waiting for it to pass The nausea the fatigue
Fire burning Through my veins, Hold on, get a grip... Grab the reins. Pull back... Ignore the attack. Breathe-- inhale...exhale Ignore the air, I know it's stale.
This cloak is heavy and weighs a woman down This cloak can become ragged and torn over time This cloak hides what we are truly ashamed of This cloak is beauty   This cloak is deep
I have been in lust, jealousy pain anger depression confusion,  but never have I been in love. 
You expect us to stay docile in the face of oppression To accept the death of our people without exception You wish to see us stay quiet as our children lie wounded and bleeding
An abyss filled with endless flames and fury, holds the power to destroy everything to the ashes Nothing but charcoal and embers remain, shakes the ground with furious tantrums
We live in a land of hurt, a land of pain, a land of passing. Its throat is burnt, its face is plain, its lungs are gasping.   Sweep it off and ignore the beast 
And you'll never know. No matter what I do to make you notice me. No matter how hard I try. God damnit, you'll never know. And you could break me. Tear me to shreds. Set me on fire.
I hate, I hate My son is eight The middle one's two For this I knew For two would Not b long for he In two short months He would b three.
You can’t come? Oh that’s okay, it’s no big deal (I planned this for hours!) When things don’t work out I can still smile Because it’ll be okay eventually (I really don’t know if I believe that anymore)
Through the years my heart had been stifled The childhood songbird lost its voice And the feathers of its wings were plucked Until all that was left was withered
Lucy - My love, what a rough day I've had Take me into your arms and hold me tight Don’t let me go till the morning light
It stings deep inside Though it reveals itself As righteous anger Or perhaps A blind fury Is more accurate Your blood roars With the urge To inflict pain Only later
If I could I would Go back in time When we first met I would look at you With different eyes I would thank you While we sat at a table Alone In front of the school library
The anger boils in your blood, The heat rises in your body, The rage fills your veins, And it all becomes unbearable.   There is no release,
Blood pulsing in your veins Feral growls passing through Eyebrows knit together All aimed at you Limbs quaking with anger Hands curl into fists Shaking to slam one Into a wall A floor
. . . so hush, little baby Baby, don't you cry. . .   Hey, Hey, now, Mr. Harvey! Lookin' all sharp and sweet, you do, sir! Yes, Sir! O o o h. . .
I envy you. I will envy you until you dance in the flames of Satan. I hope your disguisting body rots in hell. But before you die; I want you to suffer. I want you to feel so broken,
You and I were like fire and gasoline, each time we saw each other, you inflamed me my mind, my soul, my heart was alive but then the depression hit me and I was just trying to survive.
Why is it That we must pay For others mistakes? Why does this world hurt us, Make us distrustful? What happened to the days When a person could walk down the street,
"Follow your dreams!" they say. But how do they expect us to do this When we are meant to fit into the Cookie-cutter mold that they have made for us.
Tonight I can write the angriest lines   Write for example “ I am the wind howling against your window pane Waiting for it to break like how you broke me  
I AM YELLING Can she hear me? Can she see the words falling out my mouth? Can she see the tears pooling at my feet, can she feel the tension as my fingers crack, as my lungs seem to give out. I AM YELLING
I am not a winner because I haven't fallen into the trap of sensitivityI have lost because my peers dramatize every little thingI am not a winner because I don't support implausible charities
Death is the Greatest Truth   Do tell me why you left? Each night I stare up at the ceiling and I’m tempted to scream your name, After all, you did this to me, didn’t you?
People tell me that they find it amazing that I can't hold a grudge.
Never have I thought how I wanted to be loved. I have tested my language Only to find my excuse when people call me “slut” Because, actually, I just prefer physical touch. And now it is too late to ask
Its been a long time coming,An that has gotta be known.That man's a Red Tornado;My broken heart he has thrown.
It promises without condition. I am gathered here today, In happiness, in health, A wedding of a body and soul Living in unity without union, Though for many it is different. Silently working side-by-side
I hope that you burn Reeling, tears streaming, Gargling mother's milk to forget.   I hope that you ache, Shaking, skin bruised, Wishing for softer skin and less regret.  
You’ve done it. You made me do it. You made me snap. Your actions and words have transformed me, Transformed me into a beast of nature. My primal instincts overcame my intuition,
It seems all too familiar where I lay with these tears I thought you prayed away, but now I see that despite what you say I'll never be anything more than a stray!  
Go and cry your alligators tears, to someone who wants to hear them
We argue every day. We argue until walls fall down, Until the neighbors from downstairs look up at us And say the next day “Please don’t slam the door. We hear you.”
Your voice pollutes my ears. Your presence sickens me. I hate you. Die a thousand deaths Return to hell where you belong. For all eternity. Pure evil should be destroyed.
You have brought me to this frustration. I know that if I don’t tell you You will eat me alive. Stress me out. Tear me apart.   I can’t change this. We won’t make it either way.
I hear the words whispering in my head, "Lonely, alone, lost, forgotten." "You don't belong." I look at everyone around me and I ask myself, "Why are you so far from me when I feel so close to you?"
It finds you  in the early evenings  slithering past ankles  willing to be bit until it circles you  frozen with the news of abandonment- how could they do this to be? fangs sink down into skin 
We’ve been going at it for so long Why do we keep doing this? It starting to hurt to see you I’m feeling unwanted Why do you do this?
It's mhy solar plexus it's my solar plexus I said I'm angry too many times before this meditation After I'm done the pit in my stomach is still angrily elated And I still can't figure out why , why , why
The Sailor who callously masses the storm faults at the hand of God As he inadvertently veils the damage to the stern, the responsibility is forgot.
It's the chick who used to sit on stairs of University High Walked the halls at lunch time, searching for peace of mind Because at home I didn't fit in, a real black She
Hatred and distrust run deep when we don't say the right things. Even deeper when we don't mean the right things.   It's hard to say everything you need to when you can see that your loved ones despise you.
He held the gun to my head And asked me for my innocence. I stood there, silently memorizing his distinct features. His deep, dark black eyes had a certain murkiness like the reflection of the moon
tearing up inside me  fire and tigers and rage and roars threaten to rip my limb from limb but i don't have a word   i say i'm mad i have that word i say i'm mad  
I could see it in your blue eyes, nothing much but hate No love,just spite hidden behind those things you call eyes. Your words spit out as lava, filled with deadly venom. I knew you once, and this thing you called love
Like anger The alcohol courses through my blood Whispering sweet nothings to a deaf ear Promising better tomorrow's And more beautiful tragedies. There is no rhyme or reason To the fury in our souls
Confusion on my mind  Contentment on my face,  Sometimes I don't know what to go by now a days  I feel so lost inside, like another person on my bad days  I don't know what to say, I'm not sure what I'll face 
I saw The shadows feed I fall Finally cut too deep I call Out can't you see? I'm flawed So from the heart I bleed I'm lost Give up I'm finally beat They killed 
Anger. Hatred. Sadness. Each day,  Driving past your house, I'd always wonder, Did you ever think about me? Did you ever miss me? 'Course not 'cause you was never there
While others in this world sit in starvation and misery We gather as a nation to bitch and whine. I mean why not? Aside from a good education, A roof over our heads, People who love us,
I've got real boy problems and I can't stand it Try to keep everyone so I demand it No one ever stays so I stay angry The best way to attract the same thing   Those who turn up as new are the old faces
knowing when to stand down being aware of when to shut up allowing ideas to form without speaking them all will pay off in the end
Storms are like anger They come when they feel like it And leave when they are done At first there are small gusts of words Those small gusts build and build Then eventually they erupt
He was throwing bottles at us againA Heineken bottle barely missed Mom's head and I had to duck and roll to dodgeA few bottles of GuinnessHe stammered and slurred his words before he went towards Jenny
"Anger, Wisdom, Regret, Pain,  They think my life is just a game I can't stand another minute But if I fold now I'll be defeated  Their torture stings like a thousand knives But I can't trust these awful lies
"When anger finds me buried deep The hurt inside might make me weep  I try and take one final breath Before I meet a friend called Death Must go on Must break free But Anger tries to keep it from me
"Everyday the rage within me dies a little more But everytime I think it's gone  It comes back stronger still It kills my heart Everytime  To see the hurt And the lies The hand print of my hurt
Trying to move on but held by these chains I have both hatred and love flowing in my veins A difficult choice this has become In the end after it all I'm left broken and numb The grip is stronger chain by chain
If consent were a key I would have lost it a long, long time ago.   There is not a moment I don’t hate you
Just a normal day open my eyes and wake up But I hate the word love straight up So to the bitch who ripped my heart out wassup Tell me how’d it feel with the other guy?
Without you I have nothing to cling to My heart is a shattered pane of glass My hands are cut from trying to pick up the pieces And you just sit there and laugh at the blood dripping from my hands
Tingles, and feels  It's the only thing that crosses my mind My lip touch the cold glass bottle  liquid oozing  As I take another drink of anything that warms me for the hour 
I've tried to put the pieces together to figure out why I ever cared.I think I tried fixing you, if I could do that simple task I would feel better.I couldn't fix you and I wound up falling for you.
You're crying again... tears comin' down your face You're sobbing, almost in tears, all in tears, depressing, or anger hitting your fists against the wall tellin' yourself it won't happen again,
Say the words you know will burn a fire within me Say the ones that you think will push me Say them. Please say them.  Becuase I promise then, I won't feel bad walking away. 
What's the point of a thought if all you do is yell? I can't even hear myself think I don't like the song the cupboards make Can you stop making life sound like hell?  
Your anger is outrageous but no longer contagious Im laughing as you hiss and spit sitting there talkin shit Go ahead im empty dead I gave up on emotion and accepted the empty.
  You were once so beautiful, We were once so close But this is not who i once loved And is instead a tortured ghost Just a shell that's been cracked And on the verge of perish
(I've written this poem for anybody who is thinking about committing murder.)
Everyone has a different label for it When you finally hit the breaking point When you become so angered You can't control it My family refers to ours As red We call it red Because that is all
Incantation Red By: Ashlyn Narvaez   Let the anger leave my body Cast a spell upon the words Let the trauma lift above me Create a haunting with its curse  
Anger is an ugly thing Sometimes it’s the only thing Anger is never the answer Especially for the smallest problems It tends to reach us at the roughest times I can no longer bare it
I called a thousand times last night But you were never there I wore my voice out crying But I know that you don't care What happened to the kingdom We built from blood and ash
What does it say about a person If you wish for them To Feel A Fierce, searing Pain Even more Irrefutable than The one inflicted upon You By them
My entire life There's been a ghost following me The ghost of a child That I used to be   The ghost of a fool Naive and unaware
It's such a plot tiwst, When you're your own worst antagonist.   It's not people who hurt you, It's late night thoughts you drew.   What happens when you're the biggest enemy?
Am I mad at you? Holding a grudge is hard work. Time is too precious.
A mad man SCREAMING FOR THE HELP IN THE ENDLESS DARK CREVICES OF MY SOUL AND DESPAIR THAT CLAWS AND RIPS THROUGH THE THROAT...  ..and it mumbles like the stretching of the skin. Gurgle, Gurgle, dead. 
When you miss that boy And your nights are derived of joy Do you ever stare at the stars And wonder where you are? What you are doing here With a heart and mind so unclear And a Destiny destroyed by work
How could he? This man who promised her everything, said he loved her, made a vow. This man who was protected by her, shielded from horrors that he couldn’t handle on his own.
Beauty is never a careful color Its an angry amber, a vibrating violet Courage is never a planned step Its a shaky bridge, a broken ankle Truth is never a smile and a wink Its a broken dream, a sober triumph
I don't love you Thank God I don't love you You didn't break my heart But you did break something inside me How could you do this to me? You said you liked me You said I didn't need to be nervous
Shut up shut up shut up shut up literally the one place I am you have to come and be and be loud and be yourself   I hate when you're yourself
I wanted to hold him I wanted to tell him it would be okay I wanted to hug him and tell him "breathe" I wanted to squeeze him and suffocate him until he remembered to breathe
You told me You loved me And I was the fool Who actually believed in you.
Let it go along with the flow
We all want to be heartless.We all want to walk through this world and feel no pain.Have no demons on our backs.
i never can understand how a father can leave his daughters to fend for themselves he blames them for his pain but they're caught in the game the same one he  claims he lost to their mom to  
Nails peel cracking, uneven- some long, some short
I am the weight that makes the ground beneath me Tremble When I land on my feet. I am the storms that plow through lands and tear Right through civilization's seams.
Your emerald eyes at first set me ablaze, Your beauty was so delicately sweet. But I forgot the game the Devil plays And now I’m but an ember in my heat. Not viper sending poison through the veins
Anger swells within me
Do you expect me To believe That I will think of the breeze When I’m bursting with seared ash? Do you expect me To lose myself Into the galaxy
The weight of denial sits on my shoulders, adding pounds to an already crumbling structure, 
Life is hard.  A chaotic, churning mess of turmoil often ending without proper course, leaving us confused and unfulfilled as we drift out into space. Only if we let it.
Little acorn on the ground
into an eternal abyss that no one even knows how far will it take me? how far will i go?
- I will leave this Earth by wrestling the Sun   If I am to be destroyed. build up my grandeur higher than the tallest mountaintops. Let Zeus himself look up and marvel at my glory.
I became very angry when I went to a DVD store.I'll tell you why that I'm not going there anymore.When I bought a DVD movie, the sales clerk offered to give me 'The Last Temptation Of Christ' for free.
Nostrils flared, fists clenched, fingernails digging into my palm, teeth gritting together so tightly I fear they might shatter into a million pieces; my inner demon overcomes me.
Happiness—that which one can neither hold nor keep It comes and goes, it ebbs and flows And no one really knows If they can make that leap Into the deep unknown  
It engulfs you, Raging through you As a fire does through a forest; Burning, scalding, scarring. Lashing out, like the limbs of a burning tree
Drop your life Drop your dreams You're one of us now  The Swallowed  The Hallowed    Walk down the halls Rid yourself of your individuality  What makes you, you
They are not here to hurt us They're supossed to be here for love Now it doesn't feel like enough Punished. Beaten. Abused. They used us up Now who am I? Look at me and see what you have done!
  Catharsis does not work. I scream and scream But do not feel any lighter.
You got me reeling, spewing anger, frustration, feeling! Fueling my insecurity, can't you see you are killing me!
In your anger, you're glorious. Metaphoric muscles flexing. Jaw popping.And through it all- Your eyes burning.   
I've tried to hide my emotions and keep 'em bottled up
Devastated and destroyed, I can feel my existence crumbling.  The tension in my body, the strain in my mind,  The cold in my eyes, and the black in my heart. Everything is deteriorating.
A growl and a sigh I'm so sick of this. I long reminisce  Of my closed peaceful eyes,   And the deep calming breath Slowly lifting my chest. Just to lay down and rest
How does it feel to have a fire that doesn't burn? As I detach and turn the page I have been tainted with empty rage I'm aware of the heat as the ember blazes
Your passion is present only as the camera pans to you. Your life is the tide, and applause is the moon. So when you find that people dissaprove, you get out your sheild and your machine guns too.
I don’t feel like normal people (Or at least, I don’t think so) Simple emotions, certainly Happiness, sorrow, anger I run the normal gamut With the others of our race Feeling a thing
I was ok Before you Anyway But you came And went Left me standing in ruins And crying in a downpour All those attachments I made Are shredded ribbons
I think you have anger issues.
There's a burning in my chest And I can't tell whether my heart is on fire, set alight by the rush of energy transferred when he placed his hand on mine for the last time
I’m a raging inferno, a ball of fire,
You're not like the others. You actually listen to me. From the minute I had met you, i'll admit, I was unsure where you would lead. Depression? Succession? How can this situation go?
A spark then a flame. A fire
Lord, save me from my sins
Anger lurk
Though my stars be dark and my spirit black It is not without reason that you find this lack Of empathy, pity, mercy, or care For others of similar gare.   My stars were darkened by the sun
It feels like I'm blind and cant see, like I'm stranded in the middle of the sea, like I'm submerged under water and can't breathe, like my sarrows are an obvious fact that no one will believe.
I'll use the kindness, I know, I might, have within Although beauty isn't skin deep, I can smell your bones rotting within How bitter, how cruel? Your deviouness is brewing inside of you  
  Phoenix Rise The stage, the lights, the crowd I transform into a different character
It gave me a knife and told me to stab. A stab for every pain that I had ever had A stab for the way they had made me feel. I would relieve my hurt very simply, it was all so clear. I did so gladly 
They say, "keep your friends close But your enemies closer." I ask, then, how do you know? Who is your friend And who is your foe? One moment it's sunshine And happiness and laughter.
Tell Me Again 
Hello my name is...
You were born.
with honor, i wear all my scars
I like to think that my words ar
It won't be the first time that I'm going to lose out to her
I hang around In this room I pretend that I own, I feel so ungreatfull for the life I've been thrown, and the friends I have grown, In a house full of homies and I still can't help feeling alone,
I'm burning in the Fire My heart has no Desire Who can I run To What am I suppose to Do I'm slowly slipping into Depression
She doesnt know she poor, Even when life tells her in many ways Her refrigerator becomes empty. Whenever she is hungry she can't even find a whole meal. Her family barley has enough food to last them until they can get more.
Fearless is the absence of the fear Fearing less is a message held dear Bravery or neccessity, the motive unclear Tongueless or eyeless, his silence impure A road less tread, a story unread
She isn't hopeless She isn't worthless She isn't mediocre She isn't ugly She isn't alone  She knows this.   She feels hate She feels shame She feels guilt She feels regret
I feel like screaming, My heart full of hate, Not understanding the pain, This rage can create,  Hurting the people I love, My heart is pumping and racing, My words cut like knives,
I'm looking at you but all I see is hurt, pain and anger. I see you're broken, I see the real you. I see that kid, that used to smile and laugh. I see that kid, that was happy and content.
You wonder if it's all in your head. Why can't you run awayor cry for help? Once again, you are driven against the cold cement.   You become paralyzed. Unable to move
He'll beat you with secrets He'll be drunk off lies You'd be a fool to fall into his trap   I know I cannot control you Your life is yours to live Experiment with your set of boys in
If people only realized this is as loud as I can be I won't bray like a donkey just so you can hear me. Just because I'm not boisterous and annoying Dosen't mean I'm also always boring.
When did arts and crafts turn into powerpoints and drafts  
  To signify the pulse between my veins Escaping outside             Of my paper-thin skin   To identify who you are        As you are choking me In my sleep  
What sayeth thou o' wise confidant, You old self-Omni-potent fool; Believeth in the ways of the scholar yet thou hath cast out, All faith all reason for such frivolous worldly attires.
No rhythm No rhyme Just me And myself Dark hands Bright face WIth a dim glow in the eyes Worn out By the challenge Of living each day with a smile Inside
The fire's back, wanting to play Won't push him back, not today . Thoughts are blurring Words are slurring .
Frustration and anger spew out, an intense 
Look at all of us, standing in a line, aren't we so wise? Pushing dimes and nickles and crying tears out of our eyes We have no choice. We just can't fly when you bastards keep pulling out every feather
It's easier to be alone where you know no one can touch you. It's easier to be alone because you don't have to care for anyone. It's easier to be alone because you know you can't hurt anyone.
All was in vain We knew it Our hearts have fractured But only I am pierced  by the shards Now words are exchanged You didn’t know how you spoke Through the emptiness of your eyes
Breath and think. Breath and don't think. Release your feelings in words that are not spoken. Do not be tempted to anger as who you are. You are better than the hateful thoughts that plague your mind.
The boy stalked across the empty stage.
I could wipe off 90% of that so called beauty with a kleenex... I see that your outershell is gorgeous Underneath that.. It's pure ugly No. Not your face. Your insides. Your guts. your soul.
Behind the hazel, she's just a lonely little one. Behind the hazel, she wants to the world to be gone. Behind the hazel, she's fighting everyday. Behind the hazel, she's scared in every way. Behind the hazel, she's slightly shattered.
“Free me”, she screams in his face.“No more.No more a moore.I am a river.I flow.I live and give
I hate these ballet shoes Everyday marks another bruise And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane   Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime
  i speak for those who have lost their courage to speak  for those whos words run to the tip of their tounges just to retreat back to the back of the throats back to where they came from 
Behind the curtain What I keep hidden From your eyes and mind Is strictly forbidden   Under the mask What a clever disguise
Judge me by my voice. Silence overlaps my words. See my eyes glisten with tears. Though I am bone dry from heart to toe. You feel my power in my fist. But I STOP! And leave your eye in tact.
If there is one thing I hate 
I am in a tough state right now 
He sits there, chained, angry, ready to be released
You were my partner…. you were my brother…You understood this side of me the way no one else could.We’d vent to each other, we struggled together every single day just to be seen as normal…
My fingers won’t move. They are stiff with frost, Tips turning blue and then deathly purple. Threatening to rip them from My flesh they were sown into by my creator. Icicles hang from my eyelashes,
I am cold
Split tongues slithering air, Puffing plumes of vapid vapor,
Just stand there
I remember,the bitter taste,as it poured down my throat.
You break my heartJust a little each day
I’d change the homophobia, the fear and the hate, The suppression of expression we face each day, The way they look at us as though we’re not quite right,
Feel the vibe flowing through my veins Opening a never-ending wealth of spiritual domain So mentally taxing I can't help but wonder what will remain
I was thinking of you today You taught me so much in so many ways Like how to give up and just say goodbye And then to turn "love" into "wanting-to-die" You and my mom, you had it planned out so well
Anger is… Danger It’s a cruel thing that hurts Rather than help It causes wars It causes sores It causes people to act out violently When they should be acting passively Curse words, punches,
I try, I fail, I am me   
  Excuses- that’s all you say you hear  excuses for not following rules, I’m a person not a tool excuses for my own belief, you don’t like when I speak what I think
I am hardwired to feel every emotion so deeply that I have to rip holes in my skin to let them out and I am not human enough to be considered alive on the other side of it all
Death and Life Happiness and Saddness
As I have gotten older, school has become less and  less
I have failed. I was not strong enough. I was supposed to break the chains, Eradicate my burden. I merely shifted the weight to make it easy to carry. The chains still wound fast around my heart.
Ask for the truth, I'll give you a lie You'll never know that I want to cry. The words you said, they hurt like hell. You victimize yourself, but know that you're well. You've cut me deeply, much deeper than deep
Anger corses through my veins,uncontrolable rage shook within me,I was un happy. My blood boiling cold,My eyes uncaring,words like a knife,cutting all near me.
You're never here. It's like you wish You never had us. You want a different Life. You want to start over. You regret your past. You don't like us. All you ever do is Yell.
Up and down and up, up, upRunning around until I'm shut upScreaming and fightingThere is no endUntil I'm shipped awayThat's when the anger blew away 
I am running, hiding from the relentless grip of REALITY But no matter what I do or where I go, it always seems to catch up with me It drugs me and runs through my veins
I want you to be mine
You told me I couldn't You called me stupid You made a "what not to do" example out of me And here I still stand   Can a stupid kid graduate high school with a certificate in Graphic Design?
A last scoop of dry earth Falls upon the sad little hill Pay the good man; he's earned well his fill
I step out on to this court With my head high and my chest out Because I'm better than you I can tell just by the way you walk You can’t guard me Because I'm better than you I know you’re scared
Let me put something into perspective for you
The cellar is quite, cool, dry.
Take solace in rage
He hurt me daddy
If only I had a boat, so I wouldn't drown in my thoughts, and I could sail away.
  I cannot begin to imagine What comes within this baggage Friendship! What a slippy, messy slope?!! A non-romantic relationship Where two hearts begin to elope
The clouds have veins, at the end of the day, when the sun kisses the edges, and the purple spreads along the blue, dancing on the white
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil." (Psalm 23:4)
Three little girls, not a care in the world...
It is wet and rancorous and my new leather shoes would feel the worst of it long before I got to class. I stopped, before exiting, to appreciate the mighty storm – and open my umbrella.  
Silent tears concealed by a pathetic façade. Soundless suffering, weeping. A voiceless shrill cloaked by false smiles. Muted agony, raw and searing. A torturous solitude
What are we doing?....What have we become?   We’re just gang banging…   Lampin’: Hanging out under a street-light, on gangsta turf waitin’ for a Ghetto Star: A top street drug dealer
except that isn't all there is now is it? you hear me don't you mom? but what matters is not the hearing but the listening
I've grown up around strong women. To be specific, I've been surrounded by strong black women. That doesnt make me strong though  This made it hard for me to find myself. I wanted to be like them 
Sometimes I want someone to hold me with no reason to just because you want to love me 
Don't let go of me I'm like a canoe in this raging sea I'm trying to make it in this world But I just keep on getting hurled No one seems to understand They make me feel so bland
How could you say that you love your kids when you treat your 
So tired o
You’re looking out your window tonight So many things running through your mind You feel like you’ve lost who you are You want to find your way back to the start But you can’t, oh no, you can’t  
Am I not good enough for them?Is who I am not who they want me to be?They want me to be this plastic, perfect figure that I don’t seeAnd they need to know, they need to know  
      I’ve seen apart of me I didn’t recognize. Through my eyes I saw how my reactions to your actions, made me low, low point on the scale, I’ve inhale, what you’ve exhaled to me.
sitting in the broken land. surrounded by dead memories of lost friends. family and friends are all dead, the ties to my history have no thread. i lay motionless, cry towards beauty and sonnetts to the grave,
In this torturous classroom I sit in row 5, seat 3 and to my right in row 4, seat 3 sits the most beautiful boy I've ever laid eyes on. Every time we make eye contact I feel a rush of warmth
Sometimes I feel like we are all M&Ms 
This body is not an apology This blacked out mirror  This blacked out skin This skin like shadows  This shadow makes noise  This "bitch don't make noise" 
I ask myself why I'm angry why the hate why the sudden anger all these years  why do I bring it out my bad side the bad side lurking in the shadows in my head telling me to do you wrong
Life, too often, is rushed. No time to waste, no time to relax No time to even say good morning " Tick-Tock " says the clock! Everyone's gotta be somewhere Rush, rush, rush Rush to school
The fact that evil is stronger than good is evil itself. Why must good be weaker than evil? Why must death me faster than creating life? Why must bullies be stronger than nerds?
It seems these days the only way to be considered for anything is to be a battered, broken, shell of a person. The scholarships, the colleges, they want survivors They want the best storyBut what about me?
The urge to hold the world in hand, reined in, with interlocked gears independently revolving within your palms. I can feel the shift of the earth within my bones and the wind is my blood,
Ask my grandmother what it is like to live  with her husband, my Papa, and she'll point her doe eyes straight  into your soul with a gaze full of fear. Fear of the constant storm that hangs 
Don’t ask for Notes Because  your life  Is worth so much  More  than that.   Instead, say to  Yourself ‘If the Sun rises this Morning I will 
People say rain is the crying of God, but I say different I say the rain is the crying of humanity, The emotions that are stored, but never released,
Regret and Anger tries to take hold. Pain and Sorrow leaves me cold. I feel it deep within, a storm breaking thru, trying to take control, of how I hate you. A heart you were given
    I once knew a girl,
Slam. I hear the sound of the door closing, turn to see the car driving away, and with it, everything i've ever known in life. Comfort, gone. Security, gone.
I’ve heard so many poems, songs, stories about body parts Almost every single bit of a human’s makeup has been the focal point of works Ribs, spines, eyes, mouth
My Body is an ocean It is graceful and it is powerfulIt is strong
The death of waiting, a vice grip on my chest denies me the option to breathe, my wrists bound in cuffs of limitation, feet stuck in frustration, mind set on fascination but body tied,
You look at me with that smile makes me feel like I can run for a mile, till you trip me with your sexual statements and volgarity, you hooked me in the beginning, made me feel special
I once had someone tell me that if you're lying awake at four am you're either in love or lonely, and let me tell you that's not the case because as I lie here all I can feel is the poison you've created coursing through my veins.
I am a spicy fabric! I do not stick to the skin I do not sweat And who are you to say I am a ditz to be amazed at life’s simple pleasures? You always like to rain on my parade
Seeing the hate, the disgrace. When you're beaten down you hide your face. "Who did this to you? What happened?"
Anger. So much anger. Anger that lashes out and finds its pleasure in raking its fingers through my heart. How do you calm a raging storm, when the storm isn't willing to listen?
Mothers not feeding their children , but feeding their habit instead ... Children staying an age forever because life was took to soon ...
I'm vulnerable for you... In this moment, my words only come out true. You say nothing but your actions show we're through. Leaving me to dwell in a reality I wish I never knew.
The late night half lit incandescent bulbs when sleep is synonymous  with the detestable scum scraped off the shoe laying on the floor mate under the bed
It didn't have to be this way They are always part of the problem I could have avoided another backstep If only it weren't for them I didn't need to have more trouble piled on I should have kept my distance
You know it happens. Something or someone just has to say the wrong thing. It all goes down from there. There is no way back. They just keep talking like they don't notice. They don't care they just hurt me.
Feeling like a loser My neighbor is a boozer Been used alot of times I feel like a user People spittin out my name like they know it Crossing the line to the end then it's over
Sweat seems to seep out With bitterness and  burning As it slithers down and  air So sweet burns just the same as if  tiny jewles and crystals line my throat dry
Attention... Writing is different, so stop being imcompetent; leaving behind useless memories. Listen to what comes out of your mouth! You all sound like bunch of hounds! Remember, write for reason.
  At times I feel such anger and animosity. I let time pass and it will dissipate into guilt and disappointment.
     I w
Helen Fisher says it is not an emotion. It is a need, It is  a hunger, It is air.   And yet so pathetic it seems, That such a sore which cannot be seen, Can possibly still be there.  
I have an associates degree at eighteen but I haven't made it , to everybody else my goals are just... dreams just because i have a limp, i have no potencial it... seems  on top of that im Mexican with a love for hip hop,
I try to stay away from you But you keep on coming back I see the desperation but I do not give a flack You're a crazy creepy stalking pig who I want far, far away but you just seem to return to me
Don’t breathe, talk or blink, just stare. Though my mind tries to grasp the words to make sense of this, all that comes to me is a sound, and I feel as if I may pass out.  
  I never thought I could hate someone, and then I met you.
Dear Person Who Deserves to Die a Fiery Death While Simultaneously Being Eating By a Shark,
One of my old poems:   Sometimes I feel like a puppet, Pulled along in another's hands Obeying the orders to do this or do that My every rebellion already orchestrated
My hands warp and writhe Fabricated conspiricies consume my mind Sinister notions deafen my perceptions What lurks in the corner what will i find? Misfortune haunts my core It is something that i adore
your words, they stingjust like a razor blade upon my skinsinking deeper with each cut you slit  
Behold Teacher! I am the perfect teen! I am exactly who you want me to be. I never break the law and your homework is my hobby. I prefer reading the dictionary to TV
Depression is a widow's veil. A black, looming object..light and wispy, blowing with every change of the wind.  It's flowery design serves to hide the pain and agony that lies beneath. 
I sit in the dark letting the sounds of Saviors “Rise against” pump through my noise cancelling headphones. Next I listen to Three Days Grace “Just Like You” followed by “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies.
When you trust someone with your heart, you don’t anticipate it to be broken. When you love someone completely, you don’t think it will end. But one day, that one betrayal can change everything.
I'm trying hard to fulfill my mission But with all these snakes hissing And all these people dissing Trying hard not to listen
'Tis a Lethean shore     Written upon a writhing worm --- A half-winged bedight seraph of yore    Coos, in a butterfly's term, Amidst a nebulous crowd, hearing
You think you triumph over me Cutting me until I bleed
Steel is pressed against my skin Tears of ice cold anger shower me
the thing that makes me tick.the things that make me tick are the things that tick me off --like the fact that not everyone feels safe in their own homeand other people don't even have a home.
How can you manage to stay away? The pain it causes… I can barely breathe; Tell me your secrets. How do you just walk away?   At the end of the night, When you sleep in an empty bed,
You lose yourself in a mirror
I'm a message in a bottle waiting to be read.
 I refuse to call you, acknowledge that you are there,But I can't help but dwell on all the good times that we share. You were my friend, a comrade, my partner in crime,
  Being smacked down Before being allowed to get back up again Taught me something very valuable about love:   it isn’t always a cliché  
The sky begins to turn black, The thunder rolls on, The winds pick up, And the storm moves in. The grass sways and stirs, The animals grow wary. The storm has arrived,
On the bed and on the bathroom counter I lost track of time, maybe two hours? I completely devoured the passion you were incredibly lacking and got a high of pure satisfaction
Controlling ... and so revolting,
You make me hate you and come close to crying My anger rushes out and I control it because I'm trying If I wanted I could let it out A chaos this would cause, we wouldn't want that now
Gold is God Worth more than us Blood and bone It's worth the loss
Anger seethes through my blood,
Mumbling and droning,  That is how they present. With a carelessness that is  Astounding. With an attitde that is  Cringe worthy. They do not care - They do not care at all.
My life is unusual I hate myself completely, if my life were a story I would just delete me    I'm dramatic nd mad Im never fully happy, my only emotion being anger, nd attitude nothing less than crappy  
I thought it would be cleaner in here That makes sense, right? Perfectionists and all that It should be neat lined shelves, glass, platinum It's not
Why did I ever spend another day with you?
Anastasia LeBlanc     Fuck Everything? Fuck this.
Take in the anger of my eyes Breath in the fire of my heart Is it better to be loved? Or clutch the world in undeniable fear? Unable to think, Unable to breathe Love, Hate?
Barren and empty,
In the late hours only, do the sins awake their sleep Their paths, open arms, invites anyone who passes by   Not all smiles are true Not everyone is who they say they are  
A piece I gave;
Can you hear it? Fiercly flowing, Coursing through your veins? It feels like fire Venemous hatred Aren't there rules to follow in this game? They took all you had and they gave nothing back.
Don't move,
Away, away I will not come back, remind me, yes remind me of sin and wrong remind me of why red so satisfied.   Confuse you? That is the point.
His carefully constructed kingdom of sand 
  Changing../ It's all changing.../ It seems as if everything, has to change./ Nothing can ever stay the, same./ But if I could change, anything.../ I couldn't choose./ I'd h
i feel him on my nerves my fucking last nerve.  He’s tap dancing on it the points of the god damn shoes cutting into the tendrils
There's a void in my head. What could it be but the emptiness I feel in my being? One tells me I will not make it, Another tells me they see a bright end of a dark tunnel. The ideas in my head scream for attention,
You start from who you are; Sweet, innocent, and caring. people ask and you say you're ok but no one knows how you're truly faring.
Today is today, I mean that's what everyone says. But today is the day that I hide , in the shadows, faces of you are revealed in my sight. I'm afraid to ever walk in those steel doors, because with me you have no insight.
Purgatory.   The endless wait, the infinite tide of fear and anxiety washes over again. I wait to see you come in, your angelic face shining like a beacon in an ocean of despair,
Don’t mind me I’m really ok I just don’t want to be awake All I ever do is make mistakes Don’t find me I’m running away I just don’t want to be Someone like me
Everyday Same time Your front door creaks, did you notice? Mine does, too. 10:30 AM, you walk out of your apartment- The one right across the hall from mine- And I make sure I walk out, too.
It was him
Unshed tears, anger, frustration, Boil and bubble inside.  I fear an eruption- The unforseen and sudden spilling of my insides, Spewing forth some regrettable tradgedy, And the onset of these,
Dad, a three letter word for father. You know, it takes a man, a an to be a father. You say you ere just a kid, but so was she.So was mom.
  did time burn out the flame. whose the one to blame. 
If you were alone in the woods, I'd push you into a bear trap, chase you off a cliff, or maybe just blow your fucking head off.
I can't bear to face myself My self-restrant begins to melt I can't  be happy That's just so sappy   I can be sad Make my emotions ironclad I can be angry
Cut me open Run dry my veins What do you see? Red For fire For passion For anger and betrayal For revenge Action Survival Power Rebellion I seethe with it.
A letter to my mother   My mother hates me and I don’t know why We just can’t seem to see eye to eye She disrespects me to the ump degree Now I’m going to tell you what’s in my decree  
Like walking into the wind, and you cant breathe.   like hearing the worst news of your life.   Missing a part of you, you never knew you had.   Thats what its like to love you.
They say soulmates are the ones youre supposed to end up with. The love of your life. What if soul mates are the ones that make your life a living hell? But can only make you think of happy times.
Once you gave me roses,
If anger was a color,
 It would be a luminous cherry
 As conflagrant as the Holocaust.
 If anger was a taste,

I can't say one thing! Not one damn thing, without you criticizing me! Just shut up! You ask what I mean, I mean Im Fed Up! You push me for my 'own good',
If I could change one thing, it’d be this tall, intimidating fence. I’d tear it down and frolic away deliriously into the world that’s been waiting for me.
From a distance much to great, He silently seals his fate. With a rush of the tide, He loses the feelings he tried to hide.   His head spins,
  is there some unwritten law that states crying is wrong can we not cry in public for all to see is it wrong to show emotion whenever we feel raw can we cram it into a song
  I am quiet because I chose to be No I do not have an attitude   No, I am not having a bad day Well maybe I am, but what’s it to you? So you can say, “She seems aggravated?”
It must be nice up there, Upon your throne, Your petty chair. The world must look so small, You could hold it in your hand-- Too bad you can't, Other humans aren't meant to be
Black and Blue Do you ever get a clue? Black and red do you know how much i bled? black and green You were always too keen Black and yellow  Afterwords, you were always so mellow.
If i could change one thing it would be our mindset
Words are unspoken, Things are not said, But everything she feels is stuck in her head. The sighs of a hurting, broken heart Her feelings inside tear her apart. Words that whisper, 
It's extremely loud in here, Though you do not hear it from there. You may not be able to tell, There are a lot of arguments  And the music is always up too loud.   Though the words spoken, shake,
I Fight, I Fight For The Light. I Fight For Those Sitting Their Room, Crying At Night, Holding That Knife, And Wishing They Died.   I Fight For The Ones Who Lost Hope,
Wait... Stop... Please? I beg you to reconsider You're beginning to fade away Already one foot in your grave   This life will get you Pit you in the middle between lions and bears
Broken bottles   lining the window seels where pictures should be where crosses should be liquor soaking in the walls yet not absorbing the blows   virbration from the seel decore
I feel the mysterious paint dripping down like a cape Containing the worlds lies that I thought I could escape
I am a bull waiting to ram. I stay calm avoiding conflicts  untill you raise the red flag. Then we discover the true hues of crimson. Don't cross me.   I've minded myself and you too, 
It hits us! Always in the beginning we feel good, peaceful, warm. This will last forever… we always think that. It ends up to be cold, bitter and sour.
It's not just one time. I know because you've said that before "It's just one drink." "It's just one hit." "I promise, I could quit." It's not fine! So wake up!
A void in your heart Rips your mind apart You run, you coward You fool yourself into thinking you're empowered And so you choke on your words Sqealing and reeling like a dying bird  
I'm a teapotwarm and boilingboiling so much that my top is poundingpounding me until I can no longer feel the burning sensationthis rapid raceand unwilling face looks at menot wanting to touch me
Call me insane, but I'm trapped. In the confines of my house this time, not my mind. Maybe both. "Because you're a girl", replays like a broken cassette tape. Just bear it. Just breathe. Wait.
Fuck you for doubting me.
Hatred.  Instilled in me is hatred. like a fire raging in my lungs and behind my eyes it stings  but its never released  because to my enemies my tears scream weak but I am not weak
My life, I watch it from the passanger side of the car, go go go and never come back. Today, apart of me; who I am died.
Heavy breathing, heart pitting against your chest irritating you further swoosh     swoosh           swoosh Can you hear your blood pulsing and swishing? Can you feel it?
Love and school and work and love. Ever feel like your life as a teenager is just too much? You love, and you work and you love, but in reality in will never be enough. Love hurts And work hurts more.
The screams and yells bursting out of you Tears pouring out, Escaping the river of your burning eyes The confusion Traumatizing your mind While everything goes blind and blank Footsteps
You are beautiful, You are love, You are worhy   You are worhy of love that you cannot even begin to comprehend. This love is everlasting, unconditional, unfailing, never ending.
Guilty isn't a word in my vocabulary All these false claims are imaginary I wouldn't even hurt a fly My conscience is as clear as the sky Purity pumps through my veins Descrimination engulfs me like flames
Standing there Talking to a student My teacher Is making A new world.   She is as White As the moon.   But she talks to Us, Black people, Like we were
I am not a burning car wreck 
Admonished for daydreaming
I was once a little girl,
Full of stress, full of fear.Working so hard, full of determination.A need to express, to make it clear.Eternally scarred, by the implication.Of failed success, so severe.
With it we define, the meaning of life The need to realign, without much strife To impose our odds, beyond our right
How dare you Make me love you When you didn't care How dare you Tell me you love me When feelings aren't there How could you Touch my lips with yours Then use them to speak lies
Tears are streaming down his eyesUnder the desk lays a broken boyEmptiness contains an empty roomNobody asks the question why Under the desk lies the broken boyHe screams in pain
Barefoot and defiant.
I’m chewing on anger,
Go to hell. Take nothing but the sins on your back And the coils of lies you have spun. It should be easy for you to talk to everyone there, Because you all speak
Society. It drives me.  Family. They guide me. Money. It rules me.  Fear. It consumes me. Hate. It alludes me.  Desire. It fuels me. 
A hot boiling pot of water
Go ahead, Knock me on the floor, And laugh your cruel laugh.   I will rise.  Better and stronger, With bones made of bronze, I will destroy everything about you.  
I never felt more alive than
It feels amazing getting took
A boy So full of arrogance Wanting only to destroy, Killing as if it were a dance   Another boy, Oh so different With a mind of tricks and ploy His destiny is not what it was meant
I've been standing here longer than you think, just taking a very long good good look at me through the eyes of those who know, those who don't, and those who don't give a damn.  
Your anger pulses through the air. I try to avoid your traps, but I'm shaking with fear. You wait, watching my every move, ready to pounce.
The face of anger... What a thing to think. How can one describe such a terrible thing? A face of rage by us can't be told, As we are chained to words of old. And even in new, less meaning is found
Do not be fighterDo not be curse that person or animal outinstead be a peacemakerDo not steal a thing that you really wantDo not kill that person
When I stopped taking Valium I started punching walls And I think that’s a good thing I’m Seventeen I’ve been medicated for four years I’m angry and I ought to be
I am sensitive, More delicate than a Bleeding Heart. Ice cold criticism is my demise. I resort to witty remarks before lashing out as my last defense.
I hold my words silently, but you've no idea how much I want to blast them within your ears,-
there is an infinite number of reasons on why i do the things i do there is an infinite number of reasons on why i say the things i say but i cant seem to find the reasons for you to do the things you do
There sat a boy in class with me, with red Beats that hung around his neck, he'd never take notes in class,
Why do I like you? Why do I like anyone?  More importantly, why Why do I like any guy? Any boy? I'm rarely attracted to anyone. But why you?   What's different? Let's see.
Kick me when I’m down And tell me I don’t matter I want to feel I belong That’s all I ever asked Now really can you blame me
There are only some who matter In this endless generation we have here Ideas trashed, intelligence scattered I look ahead, little hope, mostly fear   Roger Daltrey, you're who I agree with
It's red I see Anger I am far from I have reached my limit and its red I see My mind becomes vacant and the only one to occupy this place is the displacement of all that is loving
Talking to my mothers graveUsed to be the hardest thing everI would just cry my eyes outThinking she would be back never
School is a place where I love to go, Where I stare at a board so my mind will grow. I love it so much I could go all year, Yeah, that's right, no sarcasm here. I love how I learn just what my teachers say,
Stuff  I Can't Say To My Teacher What many things they are ,
My bag is a boulder Ready to break my back. What's a social life you ask? I have long since forgotten now that teachers dictate mine. "School is more important." is what they drill into your mind.
I am not a number. I am not a rank out of my class, which is a bummer. I am not a number on a four-point scale. I am not just a student, and I like to rebel. I am a person.
Always last in Gym Class, I Never stood a chance in Debate. Immediately chosen for any Group task, That science Fair was a piece of Cake. Teachers love me, Oh how they praise me. Others not so much,
Everyone’s a rebel, we all want to change the system. We all shout until our throats are sore but the government won’t listen.   School funding is paid by the local property taxes.
  I'm so confuse alone and a mess, I'm sitting in this fucking desk staring at my messy grades, there worst then a wreck where can i reset?   These teachers don't help,
T'Was the Christmas season, Where a little boy glees with reason. He's filled with joy, As he waits for hid favorite toy.   The little boy couldn't wait, but it was just too late.
Bite your tongue and if you can't then I 
I can't do it! Everytime I try, I Fail! You keep pushing, But you don't understand Everytime I try,
What I learned in high school…
Allow me to clear my throat first Ahem, Fuck you, English Teacher, with the same capital F You gave me on that paper you refused to accept I know my ABCs and my punctuation
I couldn't tell you what I did last night. Tell you what I fear or what I Like. tell you that im confused or angry, because i know that what I feel, you cant see.  I know that you would look but not see me.
How Should I know The workings of society the reasons I act the way I do and the consequences when it's me versus you I want to learn Learn the revelations of the greats
welcome to hell. it is also sometimes known as high school.      
you will never know unless you are in that persons shoes
It's shaking at the bars of this cage, Causing tremors in my sanity, Making me lose grip on reality, Oh, how I wish I knew just what was causing this infernal rage rising inside,
Numbers, books, words, they're all related in a way It all relates through school I must say Some things just don't make sense And yes I have spent most of my life in school Some may call me a fool
frusterated .. miserble .. that is my school life .    teachers on the other hand makes my world go upside DoWn. with their i dont think so, and NO you cant  ughhh... this is miserable..  teachers these day.
 It can come on slow and it can come on fast   Sometimes you’d never know it’s even happening Your palms start to sweat and your heart is about to burst
Words of honey can lead to arrogance, And words of vinegar often sting.   It is your job to educate and enrich,
Judge and be judge. Welcome to high school, where this rule won’t budge. We all try to be that one-in-a-million; Well good luck, in this world of four fucking BILLION.
Why do we believe what we percieve to be true? What makes any of us different from any of you? I can't stand illiterate, inconsiderate, and illegitimate people. It makes their arguments impractical and inconcievible.
I am not dangerous I am DANGER! Listen to my words Because they are fulled with anger Always being judged Having rumors that aren't true You don't know me You don't walk in my shoes
You’re feeling insecure Don’t know what for You have everything That others dream for You are beautiful, strong, and pure
Fond memories, led astray No glimpse of hope, such disarray Scornful judgment brings out a beast, so tame Blinded by its fear, naught bravery remain Tearing at the wounds that reject
Anger is scarlet blood red.
She stands speechless as the colors dribble down the wall
In the valley of the Shadow of Death, There’s no place to hide, no place to rest. The demons there, haunting your every step. Choking you ‘till you have no breath.   The light at the end of the tunnel
When your pain is tangible You can reach out and touch it. It’s everywhere, consuming you. You don’t even realize how lon_____g it’s been eating away at your insides, until they finally cave in and c
Falling down, falling down And then those words saved me. When I was at home and all alone I looked for an escape So I'd hide and wait, I'd hide and wait And then your voice saved me.
When I first met you I was determined to be your friend Everyday I'd come over Just to see you again. I'd do the sneakiest shit To see if you would smile It's the most fun I've had
Passive verbs will do just fine Unless of course, you wish to be kind Original characters are just great Unless of course, they arrive too late Use my names, or two, or three Unless of course, they belong to me
Nights of terror seem to pass And days of sorrow fade. In every moment that I laugh I slowly crawl out of the shade. Bits and pieces start to form But some parts are still gone.
Hey you… Yeah, you. The girl with all the scars and stories to tell. The boy who sits alone in the corner, The child with a black eye from “falling down the stairs”, I’m here for you, Now and forever.
Dont be mad when winters are warmer Remember that bottle you tossed out the window Dont be mad when Florida's no longer there Remember the gas you burned going last year Dont be mad when its always flooding 
All my dreams, a thousand miles away they lie nestled against him as he sleeps too bitter and faithless to kneel and pray the life that I wanted, I could not keep   I hunger for his voice, to hold his hand
I watch you, With her I wish you were with me.   I see you hug her,  Hold her, I wish you’d hug or hold me.   I see your eyes smile when you, See her,
You were suppose to be the first man in my life. You were suppose to tuck me in bed and wipe the tears that I shed. You were suppose to hold me the day I was born. Call me your princess your bundle of joy.
Filled with so much anger and hate, We judge each other while losing sight of the meaning of equality. Hippocritical actions defining our very characters. We ask ourselves why, yet the answer falls back on us,
The buzz of the bass and the beat of the drum kept the crowd alive, Kids push and pull and scream and love and hate all at once, If I could be anywhere in the world,  I would choose here in a heartbeat.
Balled up fists Match squinted eyes Contorted faces Spit ugly lies The Devils Power Causing fear Undeniable fury Pure and sheer  
I've learned to like the problems. I've learned to love the pain. There is no hope of coping with it any other way. They say "Be glad with what you have, and you will be alright.  Cherish every moment, 
You talk a great deal about your struggles. You pin them up like badges of honor when really you are a coward hiding in the corner behind those "friends" you deem your pawns.
It'll just be a Tuesday.A Tuesday, normal to most.Just another day on the calendar. It'll be just another day of the week.
We thought of you again today, Reminded of the pain. I think about you everyday, As tears fall like rain. I'll often feel an emptiness, From somewhere deep within, It's not the same with you gone.
  Anger assassinates anyone acting atrocious. It’s ominous.   When anger calls for you. It takes control.   You won’t be able to escape.
"Push to be the greatest." That's what is always said. "You can't settle for second best." This is the curse upon my head. One simple test in my third grade year, From then on, I'm nothing but a number.
Thriving on fire,I'll never tire,Set on revenge,I'll keep going on.
Eyes can be deceiving and yours fooled mine I thought I knew everything, but I guess I was blind I was very naïve to believe you really loved me and I was stupid enough to let it drag on
Some days I wonder what I've become, what I've done, And maybe this day is the day Satan has finally won. Some days I struggle with the idea of not knowing how to play,
Today you caught me sleeping in class the fact of the matter I was dreaming I would pass so while you were taking notes and giving F's I was catching up on last nights rest. You question me on if I cared
Homicidal rage Boiling blood Red face Flooded sweatglands Clenched fists Grinding teeth 5 minutes later
Who I am is not proven by  what i know     It is what i dont know  
Sometimes I just cant let go of all that anger I feel like I'm Iago Because I cant let it go Oh I feel for Othello I know everyone in my path feels the destruction of my rage Like a Shakespearian play
That moment when you want to cry, but you're somewhere you cant You want someone to help, but no one is there You don't know what to do All hope is gone
I scribbled thoughts on a page during a college course I took at my highschool during the summer. This was the only way I wouldn't explode at everyone. Behavior is just awful in the program I'm in. I arranged it and added some explaination.
My dark god standing in front of our feeble minds as He feeds us brainless material over the matter of civil rights.   But nothing seems civil about this.   And He preaches these
I be sleeping while awakeGirl kiss me while I wakeMoney ain't a thingNot for the gold chainPeople go insane all for the fame
DIG ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING GRAVE!Stop burying me in past memories,Forgotten conversations,Guilty Temptations,The unending persuasionsTo take you back-  NO!
mother, mommy, mom, mama so many different nameseach unique special dreadful lovingher kids look up to herbut they face her terrible wrathall the time they endure
  His eyes brimmed with woe, “You’re wrong, because I know I’m right.” “Nope, you’re the idiot that thinks that way.  Moron, you’re remarks are merely trite.”
The scream filled his  Heart first Then crept up his spine And throat, where it lodged In place. No sound came  From his  Parted lips. No words that Could describe the
No time to think, or act at that matter. Hands full a tray falling to the ground             out
How much easier it would be if I were not lonesome,so rooted in my happy lonesome,cornered with no feelings that someone's happiness might be dependenton me.Alone in my encounters.
Who am i to you? Am i that girl that always gets in the way? That you sit back and say, "she always doing something." Who am i to you? Am i the girl you call a "bitch" because of the way i walk,
  His muscular shoulders were hunched over, head bowed, and hands tightly clasped together.
Treatment Bleed it out Like a snake bite, The venom that roils and riles In my blood That rages and boils Bleed it out, Run 'till my feet Tickle with flames. Search for strength,
You’re so cold it makes me want to cry Saying I’m okay is slightly more than a little white lie I’m so pissed off, yet so sad inside I’m locked in a battle I just can’t win I wish you’d try to be civil now and then
It's all up to me. It's all up to the students. It's all up to the youth. It's all up to the unemployed city workers. It's all up to the underpaid teachers.
Another night in sorrow, In pain. Fighting, yelling, and arguing, Seems like it never ends. The simplest things seems like they become more complex. Tension grows. Love dozes off, disappears,
He looks down, Gaze harsh and unforgiving. It's only my second  tardy But he doesn't accept excuses, And warns that the next time Will be my last,  And I will fail.  
I don't know why, Why I feel this way. I don't know how, How to let you go. I don't know what, What to do. Confused about everything, Everything but you. I feel hollow.
Life once so innocent and pure. Allured by temptations the flesh was too weak to dismiss. A kiss, so sweet.  So discreet.  Enveloped with all affections known to mankind.
The only thing People ever seem to Talk to me about Is college.   Where do you want to go? What do you want to major in?
Contemplate As Palms flow of desire Unwanted creature destined at the strike of an hour Too little too late to rewrite what's written Futures ruined by an unknown feeling
Bags under her eyes, but ever alert Sleep was a luxury she can't afford. Always moving and never staying long Trying to look to the future, but the darkness of the past blocks her way.
standing among the ashes of your life can you justify all the fires you setall the bridges you burnedall the hearts shatteredall the people you broke standing in front of the cracked glass
(I don't know why the ending got all jumbled up, sorry.)   You can't undo this You can't get back what you've lost You can't erase the past You can't redeem yourself  
There will come a time when I have to let youReally let you goBy that I mean you will be goneYou will no longer be in my thoughtsI have let you go beforeFor a year we didn’t talkI did not think of you
You know that moment you feel wounded and broken? You say something easy and fine and they look at you with a blank line.
Everyone has a time in which they question themselves, Question thier very existance. It can make the strongest and happiest people crack. When you feel like your life is shattered glass 
It's an electric impulse That makes you turn down the road Which had been unknown to you before   9 watts made you think Different is new New is better   But if you had known
It covers everything It is our friend and enemy It shields our faces Our emotions and devestations It knows our fears It creates our fears We tell it everything,and we we tell it nothing
I remember the rain that day.That day I saved your life. I remember the way I loved you.Without regret, never doubting.All my life.
In a world where goodis not good enoughand perfection is an endnever quite attained           I am trapped
To clutch at her fingers, would do little to hold A heart irreparably scorned, a bitter black cold A deaf ear, a blind eye, she turns to screaming faces Facing what they have done, Mother screams a bloody ode oh
Do you know what its like to be alone? To go through a cold world on your own To be knocked down at every turn you make Having all the love inside of you turn to hate To have to face the darkness all by yourself
The emotions Bubble up to my throat and Foam spills out from my chapped, bleeding lips and Nobody knows and nobody will know the fact that I  My breath comes out in strings with messages about
It’s this time of year that makes me wish you were here. It’s hard to enjoy the falling leaves, When all I have is this burden to heave, So the next time you see me I want you to remember,
  my earliest memory of you was back in India, when I visited your house for the first time since we left the country
Some secrets are best kept quiet But I can hear the lies through the silence You make eye contact with me while pushing away Your eyes darken as you press me to say, "Oh darling, I love you, I swear it to be true!"
The tides usher the same waves Resounding old news: Blood, death, slavery To hatred. Wrath, fear, envy. The cold tides rend the soles of my feet, They tear at the men and women on the bank,
The land of oppurtunity The land known for dreams Paved with gold in its streets And love in its population Acceptance and fairness in its government A melting pot of cultures
  I hate the way you look with your fucking green eyes glistening in the sun That bump on your nose that makes it look like anyone can just ski right off of it
This life is yours to lead This life is yours to live Take the wheel from Jesus Take control   Push yourself forward Wait for no one Take a risk, take a chance Live by your own commands
When I am hurt Words flow from my mind Like blood flows from a cut My mind is raw like my skin My mind hurts like a wound Pain radiates to my heart My hand move quick Ink stains paper
Not many people know I have a stepfather…   Her soul is married to anger Their fingers intertwine like dreadlocks As they drift away into the eyes of each other  
The rage inside me is growing. So bitter, twisted, and all-knowing. Do I hide it successfully? My heart says it's showing. The rage inside me is growing.   The anger inside me is shining.
I saw you, throwing flames at things that shine. You could have hit the fence and set the neighbor’s car up in smoke, instead of the dynamite
I’m waiting for the day I will wake up Eyes open, glazed over, seeing blindly Touching, but not feeling, encased in fine glass Dreaming and waiting for something unknown Desolate and blank canvas of a mind
They complained of her bad attitude, they told her that it annoyed them. But what they didnt know was that behind the anger she hid all of the emotions that she could never tell anyone of.
It's unbelievable how much hurt there is out there Not very many of us actually are willing to take a stand To even care If we could just put aside our differences Unite And fight To feed the hungry
I broke the vow, and ran out of the church. I did for us! I did for our love! And nevertheless, I disappointed my father.
  My dearest what do you see in me? what do you feel when you touch my skin? does your blood swell like the tide in your veins? Do you hear the ocean in the conch of my ear?  
There's beauty in the soul If you gaze real deep There's hope in the veins That keep the hearts beat   There imagination painting Blurred dreams behind the eyes
You seem to put me in the same category as your LAST and hardly give me a chance bc of what happened in the PAST.. But how can you expect love come already stable and ADJUSTED
Love? What is love? Love is hurt . Love is pain Love is the feeling of going insane
  "Have faith in me!"Why?"I said I’d never let you go"But you always did."i said I’d never let you fall"But you never meant it."If you didn’t have a chance then i never did"You’ll never find me right here again. 
Sometimes life slaps me I feel like a locked treasure with a lost key. Caged, caged, caged! A wolf caged Full of nothing but rage For me emotions scare A test... A dare Will I fail?
Why cant you see That he is the one The one for me The choices I make Are the right ones for me   I wish you would give yourself the chance To show everyone What I see in you
She silently gilded across the moon reflecting sandThe dreadful night everything was takenThe torture, the torment and the painHer heart ached…ached for himAs her eyes looked to the heaven’s above
Alas will you look at me Hence forth it shall be A proclamation of such beauty. We watch as the stars fall from the sky. You hold me as a tear drops from mine eye as we gaze at the flutters of many a butterfly.
I lie awake. The whirring fan- A broken heart Caused by my own hand. Awake. A train horn sighs. A numb brain. I hate the blackened sky. The man in the moon laughs
I think I always knew I would love you. As a kid I used to joke that I would marry you, but somewhere down the winding road of life that joke turned from a hearty giggle to a light-hearted laugh of sincerity.
I write for just a few things,Only a few know. Of what could it even be. Is it of love? Is it of anger? Or could it even be loss? Well...I'm here to say. 
I walk alone in love, For what could love offer me? It gives me not the breath I take, Nor the food I eat, Nor the sleep I rarely receive.   Nay. Love steals breath. Steals ambition.
This is why i write, to figure things out, to question myslef, society and the world around me and ask, what drives us to madness? What is the seed planted, from which the flower blooms?
  I have so much anger Slumbering but easily awoken, In my gut. She fills me with a rage I’ve never known I can’t control It’s humiliating and all-consuming.
I thought about you today, Just as if I do every day, I heard our song; it’s hard to believe, It’s been this long,
I laid on his shoulder Recognizing his ceiling His breathing so calm So full of deception I loved him I'd fallen so hard it hurt He'll change tomorrow I'd say
unknownmisunderstood wish I could just blend into the cornerwaiting for people to walk by unseenunhearduntouched forever lost in the world of the misplaced,with the forgotten and unwanted items of the world blending into the furniturethat's what i
Forced to grow older, learn and become better.  Over loaded with pain and anger, you have to keep pushing and try to avoid danger.  When its time to finally call it a day, you sit on your bed with too much to possibly say.  Frustrated and feeling
There has been times since I've been young I wanted to give up because I just couldn't go on Seen a lot of things I really shouldn't Wanted to run but I reall couldn't
One day I found Poetry needed no rhymes So unlike, when the piano clunked, when my sobs sogged keys, when my fingers clumsily blundered, The keys I was taught to play Displeasing Mother’s ears
Is it impossible to see As you're tearing me apart Just how much that you've hurt me And my fragile little heart My happiness is now a lie And I fear the tears won't fall
They say that love cant exist without hate, but i dont find that to be true The hatred is strong Strong enough to stop the love from entering my heart You said you loved me You said you'll die for me
You ever get so frustrated with the world, your heart begins to race your fingers start to curl, until your knuckles crack, searching for the reasoning behind your anger but the knowledge of it all you you sit back and try and withhold ev
I only know what happens in reality To only think my mind is going south On my own technicalities Where is everybody in my life to feel alone? The only way to set them free is to go away
Blows harsh hits of rality with strikes so hard they cause internal bleeding. The wounds appear to be only surface deep but mentally these wounds cause mental catastrophic fatalities
Lust is a powerful, temporary, body of emotion, It isn't spoken of until we're olden-ed, A mere fragment of love, not enough to trust, Unlike love it's used on everyone for fun,
Stick to head The rhythm of aggression Left to right Consciousness in suspension Things go wrong Take it all out on the pad Flam tap tap You drive all the neighbors mad
Lets agree, shall we? To Always tell the truth because- Power is in it.
The world is SPINNING OUT I have no utter doubt That history repeats itself And its happening now. Do you think for a moment That this would not happen? Warfare in the world
I don't keep the worlds histories I don't solve the worlds mysteries And I am not their story keeper I am no mans scribe. That is not my life.
Cowering in the corner; it is his turn, To be freed from my control, And run rampant. I can only tremble; and watch. To control, I botch; And when loosed, it is not pleasant. For there is no way to console
an•ger n. A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.
not long ago you brushed me off without a care in the world about your words with thorns This deceiving hell burning to the touch UNBEARABLE suffering the Dreaded feeling
Where do I fit? Standing among the crowds, Watching them all pass by, They all have an identity. Where do I fit? I break their molds, I am too good to be bad, And too bad to be good.
Part I: The Path lit by Darkness Dear little light, My little light, Why did you fly away? The Darkness has come and taken me, Now who hath I to help me see?
Part I: The Path lit by Darkness Dear little light, My little light, Why did you fly away? The Darkness has come and taken me, Now who hath I to help me see?
Mouths slightly open like pitchers holding whatever happens to be on our tongues waiting for words to cool to room temperature as to not shatter the glass we pour them into.
Screams shout from the soul. Dark demons fill the air. A hundred pieces of broken glass to walk upon. No where to go, lost, trapped. Stuck at the bottom, no way out. Help! No one hears, no one cares. The light is ever fading.
Life is hard and overwhelming at times But with each day new discoveries come Even if all your living on is a dime Laugh, dance for your life and then hum
Like the dust I am unsettled, moving swiftly without destination, my origin is forgotten, my future is unknown, carried by the wind, i am forever alone.
“Cold Heat” A"cold heat" is a comfortable burden. To a pleasant time, it's almost a virgin. Never considering how it affects your smiles, Or never trying to make it worth your while.
Their words, all their words were Satan Every thing a sin. Call mighty triumphs Did He give you sight? Or tell you only words were of use? I see now.. He cut off your hands
At night I live a grimy life of slander and despair. At night I do my dirty deeds with grins and open arms. At night I keep inside my sheets and dream of worse to come.
Drowning in black. Pulling me back is the red The rage that brings around my head The blood to bring about the blue flood, Not of tears, but of a flimsy handle on my fears
I find what my life means When I take time to multiply my success n not my dreams You ask what does that actually mean Do I give up on my passions for social standing and money schemes
I've always been told be all you can be "On the rate you're going you have so much to achieve" That's what I would tell myself yet, to some that's not what it seems Make straight A's become All-Area and 1st team
Anger pulsates through me Red hot it radiates It is a fire inside, consuming me The flames blaze and crackle Red, orange, yellow, and white blue ascend inside The heat of frustration flare within
I’ve grown cold, numb to the hurt I used to feel because of you. Never will I shed another tear because of you. You played me. Us I no longer see the world through innocent naive eyes. You made me grow up.
I never met my sister's biological mother. Actually, that was probably a good idea-- I hate Her, more than anything.
Childhood sky is full of stars, But when you get adult, Wherever you look, You see some clouds.
I'm ready now Ready for your bullshit I can take this fight this battle this war This never-ending game of drawing circles while you hog all the pencils but I Have the eraser
The Morning Sun creep-ed through the curtains that covered the large window That one, little twinkle shot me in the eye. Blink once: blurred. Blink twice: blind, on the account that I didn't have my glasses on.
Welcome back, it's been some weeks baby I know your mind's way past crazy I know you don't know that I don't know your thoughts But today, we figured it out and're so distraught
A chance on success A chance on failure A chance on life A chance on friendship Take me or leave me Love me or Hate me Don't try to make me feel less if I don't fit inside of your "box"
My life was perfect, my life was great A million friends, all at my command. I loved it, needed it, and yes I still do long for it But if you ask me have I let go? The answer is still no.
Ignorance is killing a man, a man with great potential. And this ignorance that I speak of, is coming down like torrential rain. There is no way to escape it, no escape plan.
With a traffic state of mind I can’t seem to find a friendly distraction to ease the pain of the twisting kaleidoscope known as my heart.
You stand there, hand raised, blank stare, that ‘I don’t give a damn’ smirk scrawled across your face. Nostrils flare when you realize I stand here. No no-good, condescending, ‘coulda been better than this’, is gonna stand in my way.
What is wrong with the world?
I am exhausted; Tired of all of the childish games, The bickering, The lying, The constant putting down Of anyone That crosses your path, That gets in your way – No matter who they are
Do you know what it's like To be an outcast Caught somewhere between Wanting to fit in But not will to be One of them?
Time enchants her victim, begs me near to sharp being… Wraps round frail shoulders as she tickles porcelain cheek.
I wonder what its like to be beautiful To never worry about your hair Your nails, Your make-up I wish those pretty girl would just shut up Bragging about their perfect boyfriends
Fat, is just a word It does not have to be absurd Fat is just a word Food is just a thing Some people like it more than others He looks at me, like I'm disgusting That guy on the street
Blank page, blank stare, full pen New day, new night, some problems Same hate, same sad Same place, my mind My heart is swollen About to pop, words unspoken hurt it, make it infected
I stepped on a slug today. It made me wonder how you were doing. Leching your way across town no doubt. Filling your pockets with our disappointment. Recycling nicknames, sex games, growing pains. It's just growing up. It's a part of life.
In this shell, Anger prevails. Multitudes exact judgement on me, Before they know my soul. Existential wisdom is lost on them, As their thoughts have already been consumed. Utopia preoccupies their minds,
I wanted you to know that I think of you when I carve into my flesh. I wanted you to know that come up with plans to kill you. I wanted you to know that you are a cold, selfish monster.
For You I have changed my ways I have gone from that nice little girl to someone older in age. For You I have turned my back on all things that sing
One brain for admission Two to commence the submission Three for a laugh track Four the media is out of whack Bashing is on my resume You want my soul, how much will you pay
Large boulders of smoke roll down your throat and coat your breath with the smell of false happiness. Yellow stained fingers cover a frequent cough. You sound more and more like your dog as the days pass.
get out, shut the door. no words slip from an enraged pair of lips. close the windows shut the shades, eradicate the light and destroy what was you. rip yourself apart, inside to out.
Have you ever had something just catch you? Right when you were off guard. That little, spontaneous, thing. That makes everything that made you so weak So fragile So lost
The storm in the distance begins to stir, And here I stand with the ice beneath my feet. The gusting wind is cold, harsh, and bitter, The snowdrifts are building around the lake,
I scream... I hear you cry... I see you in a casket... Wasn't ready to see you die. I love you Mom, just wanted to let you know But now, I have to let you go. Goodbye...
Uncomfortable situation to say the least Babying her immaturity The silent treatment feels like a cold hard slap to the face And for what? Weeping and raging What does that accomplish?
Everything is rooted in competition What a sad way to live It makes me not want to give Myself Collectivity is lacking Individualism is overused All this talk is going to blow a fuse in my brain
She came to me one night With a red dress that burned my eyes. And I could swear I saw my name stitched into the seems. Admiring... Nullifying... Guarding... Enticing... Reducing me.
Always on my mind Your presence never binds As of lately I can't let go Of these feelings, so low Zap away those neurons That make your face appear Very, extremely, and closely near
Red anger swallowing me whole. Boiling broiling bubbling over my emotions like the crash of a tsunami wave. Its pulse fast and driving pushing me forward; it itself hotter than a furnace, the blue flame
Why did I feel that my presence was an abomination and that a cut on my wrist should be my only physical sensation? That at the drop of blood all my anguish would disappear,
My fear consumes me. I'm torn on the inside. Should I stay for you, Or can I run for me? I feel your soul filled eyes, Staring down and judging. After my past with you, How do I change me?
When Heaven took your light from me, The whole world went dark. I do not know where to turn, I need your guidance.
I am in pain, From my head to my chest, Nothing has changed, I always tried my best, But it did nothing, I don’t belong here, I am something, But I can’t shed a tear, I am in pain,
What is distress in the land of opportunity My life is a snitch because in the end she's always telling on me I'm falling further into the abyss and its taking a tole on me
I dreamed I was a monk, I dreamed I was a man, I dreamed I was everywhere— everywhere became what I am.
Anger is built up in me so! So much that my heart Is hurting to break The bones and organs and soul Of a fool who believes themself so bad. They think they are hard and right
Today is the day I'll die. You never think about death at 15, In the Marching Band, An average B student.
I swear I don’t have a gun This game was only fun, but it’s over now And somehow, we have to leave this place Leave it far behind, where the sun doesn’t shine Where ends meet and part again, our lives intertwined
Oh young man it's your time to fade away, The sun is setting by your own window. Your hair is turning a mixed color grey, As, the leaves are changing on the willow. Before you know it your time will be gone.
Bright smiles, Dreamy eyes, Wind blown hair, Stomach butterflies; Intertwined hands, Never-let-go hugs, Warmth of the kiss, Oh, the effects of Love.
Hey im the soul man; the inside man. Feeling every emotion, every mood swing. I can't help that everyone wants to get me high off of that good stuff, Weed is what they call it.
I thought u were different from the rest. You really put my trust and patience to the test. Right beside you I said I'll always be. But instead you take advantage of me. My past is bad it makes me regress, but pushing through is the real test.
Depression Bringing back the pain from the lonely past, I hope your life burns, but forever last. The confusion, guilt and hatred I feel, Locks me away without a decent meal. The poison you shot into my veins,
The Earth shattering silence that chokes the life from me A Secret hidden deep inside Needing a place to hide. The Exposure... Hush Hush... No one sees but the ghosts haunt during the light.
Music is my way of seeing the world of its beauty music is my way of knowing the political wrongs and dreary's music is my way of hearing the ambient sounds of amazement
How are you? Is something wrong? Are you upset? All empty questions. You don't care, you never have. You see the hurt in my eyes, and you look away.
It feels like I'm standing on the edge of a cliff next to a calm sea and at any moment I could slip into the blue abyss quietly, the water would burden my lungs and with my last breath,
The nights when I cry, With my eyes all wet, No one to talk to, About the feelings I get, No one I can trust to tell something yet, I can see the dark clouds and how they're set,
Words are power. They can be used for good. But when words are awful, they can be used for bad. Every morning, I wake up to hear My brother's taunting, and my sister's tears.
Once upon a time There was a little girl She had a mother and father And a small black puppy And her room was blue And her sheets were blue And she was in preschool, Where she made a friend
My heart, wielding nothing but power and unprotected, Just there for others to hurt. There are things within the heart, my heart, that make me feel Tangled.
Death knows not the difference -the boundaries- between youth and the aged; It knows not the faces of color, race, or religion. Death knows not the deeds of the Good Samaritan and the failures of the old withered man.
My knees are weak They begin to tremble From fear of deceit My body longed for home, that was calling for me. How did I get to this point ? I feel like I've lost all hope, stranded I was.
As you carry me in your arms holding my tight and close keeping me away from harm your smile and your charm your soft cream skin hair so thin it try to escape within the wind your eyes glazes like a star
it looks in my eyes pleading me to use em but I tell him no I refuse but he knows my words were all lies I can't find myself to take any steps away so I join him seeing his effects so much from a small object
Deep in my mind rest the place of wonderful memories kept Joyful times and unforgettable events rewind in my mind like a replay The dreadful thought of the end to these memories I must accept
I can't take what's happening these days, people coming up with strange ways to do things. Can't find the right phrase, it's like I'm in a race inside this trapped maze, life? Such a big chase,
@}>--;-- @}>--;-- @}>--;--
I love that way you look at me Those blue eyes smiling back With that gentle look on your face Love the way you make me feel Like there's no one else in sight When you hold me close And kiss me flawlessly
Love me now love me how I wonder if know the traits of love I hear selfish desires being filled with my hearts treasures I see no end to your mean and unkind ways I want love so tender and pure
Love life, love hard, time moves on, whether you were apart of them at all. Can't move so stop trying, hearts bleeding, eyes crying. expiration date on the faith that keeps this alliance, building character to react in silence.
My head lowers in a state of surrender I allowed my hands to be bound in striking neon caution tape Oh how easily I mouthed never
I gave up long ago Realized there’s nothing living for. My mother has my father. My brothers have each other. My friends will soon forget, This world won’t stop, it’ll continue to revolve.
I never knew why i cried so much was it because of my hurt or was because i cared you made feel like i had little to no worth but maybe that's why wept if i could see you now i'd tell you you were my world
Your left your past behind, Along with me. Had you forgotten? The man who you were supposed to be?
It’s like he’s trapped in a cage. He’s building up rage Within the days He’s been spending in this place Where he’s stuck, Surrounded by his own thoughts and emotions That his demons brought
Be careful what you wish for right? Because you might have to put up a fight When life has decided that you have wished too much and it shall become true Be care flu what you wish for because wishes do come true.
In the future I see Myself, just plain happy Helping others while on the go Just so everyone will know I will be everything I can be I will be strong, bold, and free Nothing will get in my way
A severed soul and a melancholy heart Crashing tears swollen hearts frighten howls and horrifying screams bitter blood odious rope dreadful cries insanity fights he rapes her eyes
The days have turned to weeks Weeks to Months And Months to years And still I am not sure if it is love I know that I cannot live without you And that our lives are meshed as one but I still question
These tears I shed fall down my cheeck these fears I have, I feel so weak the anger swells, burning inside soon it might consume me alive these feelings I have, I must sustain them all
Do we think were through? Yes I think we do. Do you know that you love me? Or isn't it meant to be? We havent spoke in a while, but this agonizing pain, its just pouring like rain.
It's been months since I picked up a pencil This time, my poem about you will be more suspenseful This time, I’m going to write to my fullest potential This time, the things I'll say about you is more than a handful
He lays there, Without a care. No other word to be said, Except he’s dead. His face once so beautiful, His lips now sag from lack of love. I wait in line After the service
It has began. Everyday she awakens, each time with more regret, nothing can keep her happy, but everything makes her upset.
the tentative taste of fall was swelling sitting upon my taste buds. the sepia sounds of buried intentions fell helplessly decaying into the earth like the desolate leaves on trees who dread departing from their
Bright smiles, Dream eyes, Wind blown hair, Stomach butterflies; Intertwined hands, Never-let-go hugs, Warmth of a kiss, Oh, the effects of Love.
Hate? Hate. What is the definition of Hate? Hate: To dislike intensely or passionately. To feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward. To detest; is that your definition of Hate?
Vagabond. Wanderer. Nomad. You volatile piece of filth. Torn and wrenched my heart has been; now it is as lifeless as what you call a soul.
ghastly silence crept in like high tide in spring. flooding. subduing. spilling over echoes of playful banter. one, two, buckle my shhh--- until
Possibly destroying my own future But I can't bear to see those faces. If running from the people Who are supposed to always be there for me Helps me feel free Then run I shall.
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