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Will this madness ever subside,

Really am not so sure.

Many a times I've tried to relax,

Only to whack the living room door.


Really need to get some sleep,

What is it I need to do?

The constant chase of Elizabeth's head,

Gotten me into a stew.


Oh lord I feel like I'm being punished,

For a crime I'm yet to commit.

Why have things turned out this way,

Why would you even give a shit?


Oh how I wish,

Could go back to the start,

Live my life,

All over again.


Wouldn't be so rash,

My decisions,

Asses things,

Full square.


Years and years,

Many, many,


Made me who I am.


A broken man,

Oft dispirited,

Struggling to do,

The best I can.


 See the Anger

For what it is,

Before my eyes,

Take full responsbility.


Step by step

Start again,



Reach my destiny.


Journey been,

illy and hard,

Very Lonely,

Thus far.


Trying to figure out,

What life is telling me,

What the fuck,

Do I need to do?


Think the best way forward,

Get a companaion,

Friendly ear,

Give me guidance.


A confident,

A mentor,

Someone I can aspire to,

To really become me.


Living this way,

Gotten me no where,

Just been treading water, surviving,

Take a new path, happily. 

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My community
My country
Our world


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