What's Wrong with the World?


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What is wrong with the world?

When my pain is all I got, and relief is all I want.
On an open wound they put the salt, and a cut knee looking gaunt.
Getting down and dirty may be tempting
But crawling on your knees too long leave them skinless.
When people sick, platinum cards can't save them
like it did when they were spending.
I'm just glad I ain't got the yellow fever like the Simpsons.
White liars will tell you when it's time to panic, "Not to worry."
A little baby sees crack on the ground and think its signs of a snow flurry.
People in the ghetto invest in drugs more than white people
invest in Wall Street.
But this is just their way of getting rich off of somebody else's money through the S and P
500...65,000...600 minutes
Quoted from the movie "Rent" it's clear
That the world is a big Cabrini Green and life is like renting:
“I'm just temporarily staying here”.

So everybody, me included, are looking for ways to keep a sane mind.
If you a minute man, certain things ain't a good pastime.
In my opinion, sex is like a movie: brothers want to push 'Play', but don't get past previews cause sisters menoPause.
And when they got that erotic look, females seem like they down for anything like their name is Nicki Menaj-a-trois...
But you can't go Rambo no more. Mess around and go up in flames, because Ms. Caliente already scorching!
And then you catch a terminal disease, a mattress turns into a death bed with ease when that baby got an abortion.
Nowadays, it looks like those that aren't MOE ain't got much to work with.
Got pursed lips, and trying to find a way to eat without working.
Or for example: some got a converter box with two or three channels, or you got basic cable.
I'm hardly ever in the club, but like a deejay I can turntables.
I used to hate it when those-that I knew didn't wash their hands- would try to give me dap.
But on a serious note... It seems like every other factor in the world is trying to pop us like bubble wrap.

Yet I got some advice for you: If you don't stick needles in your arm, then don't start now and be endorphin junkie or nicotine hype.
People don't judge you just by appearances, but by Zodiac signs and blood type.
Whether it's true or not people will categorize individuals in a second (it doesn't take 5). You say you're the best, they say "Are you?"
Don't worry about trying to prove yourself to people who have a permanent impression, because remember it takes two to argue.
Go with your own flow sometimes or trouble will be started.
Forget the "Aye, aye captain!" Save it for the drill sergeant.
Don't let your guard down but overcome your fears!
No matter what you think, when you do something wrong, you're not in the clear.
And-like it says on a rearview mirror-more than ever now
death seems closer than it appears!
Every day (somewhere) is Gun Day.
Some daddies MIA like slaves that ran away
Negative peeps will totally mess up your feng shui.
It's "Eat or be Eaten" so we consume WAYYY more
than our recommended calorie intake.
And many political Big Wigs feel they are pushing the welfare envelope,
so they wanna cut food stamps.
Not to mention so many people walking around with Timberlands
that it feels like boot camp.
Oh….what you say Jessica Simpson: "Take it to heart. These boots are made for walking?"
It's thanks to all the doormats that ppl walked on that they can wipe the mud off, but because of that they will never be on the red carpet.

With the way history's been wrote, I just hope God made a typo!
This world is feeding junk to the soul, giving us an obese heart; the situation is out of control! That's why I wish u could suck the fat out of everything like LIPO.
If we could choose what we get in this life, then only 10% got to pick.
Like two dogs playing tug of war with a branch, one of them is bound to get the short end of the stick.
One by one they pushing us off the cliff, so before I smack facefirst on the pavement, I hope I grow some wings or else I'll fall.
Compared to other people's lives and how I've been feeling, I sometimes think I got the short straw.
But "Se vincti, que vincti: He conquers who conquers himself."
This race isn't fit for the swift and the strong.
I ain't saying all change is good, but this world has been sitting in its comfort zone for TOO LONG!...

Copyright © Solomon DeBerry 2013


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