Kids of Divorce #1

It's the chick who used to sit on stairs of University High

Walked the halls at lunch time, searching for peace of mind

Because at home I didn't fit in, a real black She

At father's place I'm my mom but in mom's eyes she saw he

It gets compliated when you're strapped to the middle seat

Two parents bickering to each other embodied in me

And all the time I'm flying through that thick glass sheet

between their drivers's seats, two steering wheels, one car,

No, he? she? No, you lost me

It's no wonder that I grew up internalizing

Anger, rejection, hate, twisted inferiority 


But now that chick's a lady off the stairs, said goodbye

To that drama and misery, say hello this insight


To the courts that love this bicker and banner, a real fight

Supporting hateful messy separations, America's plight

How dare you place kids in the middle, they pay the ultimate price

But I guess that doesn't matter, every penny counts right?





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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