I Am In Pain


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I am in pain,
From my head to my chest,
Nothing has changed,
I always tried my best,
But it did nothing,
I don’t belong here,
I am something,
But I can’t shed a tear,
I am in pain,
From my heart to my eyes,
People think I am lame,
I will not die,
They stopped me from sadness,
They held me back,
Now I’m cautious,
I wear black,
I am in pain,
They hate what I wear,
There is nothing to be gain,
I will not share,
All they did was judge,
I sat back and watched,
I held a grudge,
I’m nothing but a splotch,
I am in pain,
Words hit like a dagger,
Now I am ashamed,
When I walk, I stagger,
Hearing the words of lies,
They don’t know what they are talking about,
Your pathetic guys,
I will give you a shout,
I am in pain,
You can’t take it away,
It’s like a bloodstain,
It will not fade.

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You're a great person for expressing your emotions. Pain is everywhere but some experience it more than others. If you need someone who understands and can help you, I am here. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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