The Fortress: A Story of Ebb and Flow

You're down because you've been changing in ways you had never hoped nor planned


The years have gone by and as you look back you scrutinize your mistakes that you can't stand


You rough yourself up for blindly giving trust and hope to those who would come to betray


Or lament the loss of goodness in relationships where you may have made the mistake


It hurts and it pangs and it strings everyday until on paper or ears the truth falls


The worst part you'd say is you feel you've lost sight of how to move on from it all


You keep peeling and pasting and trying to improve not taking enough time to see


That everyone else may have those feelings too so you claim you belong living lonely


That box that you've made has elementary walls compared to the fortress surrounding your heart


Take the time to go in with your weapon of choice or be gentle with you is where you'll start


You've been doing so well though you only believe that hell's what others see in you


It's just your regret , without that you'd forget how to move forward to you anew


Tear down your fortress and heal it with salve, the ebbs and the flows transform


Soon you'll feel how all is not done, you've grown quite beautiful 


Your bricks and stone lay flat above emotions so deep you've ignored


Doesn't this feel better? You can see yourself now just as you did before


Your heart still beats. Love is still your gift. It has never gone away.


The lies you've believed as you've been angered and grieved built those walls to help you feel safe


Don't be too ashamed or tear yourself down in blame. It happens to use all sometimes


Remember these words when you've dipped too low and life seems too heavy next time


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