The Morg

Sun, 06/10/2018 - 12:57 -- Neftee

When the morg fills with these bones of mine,
please know that I was not alone.
For inside me, was mind, made 1 and 3,
the soul to which I cling from with in
is composed of the holy trinity.
But my heart hurts a little sometimes,
and my hands hurt a lot,
but not like my dads do,
when he sits alone at the bar,
getting drink after drink
with strangers i guess he forgot,
that he was a pastor once...
But dad you just dont know who you are!

And sister you need to know the same,
know the strength that is inside you,
you cling to a lesser love,
but that love doesn't love you,
we have replaced love with lust
and lust without love is brutality personified.
When he brutalized and terrified you,
While he beats and belittles you.
Next time he says your worthless
Feel the love we have for you.
You are not what he claims you are.

Oh freind, brother when you loved
Me did you pretend?
This betrayal cuts deep,
But all my scars have started to mend
With steel instead of flesh,
I'm a mess inside my chest, with all this
Anger, fear and hate that I detest.
This battle is yet to press
Onward into our future
I used to think you were the best
Now it's all that I can do to think of you less
Or else I'll do something drastic,
I better not put my self control to the test,
Or i'll be jail, and you'll be dead.

Darling, my family is hurting pretty bad,
but my hands hurt for you,
I need your fingers intwind in mine,
cause every night I miss you,
please be safe, your the only thing
that pours back into me,
for all the gift I give of me,
you are the only thing returns the stream,
please be safe my darling,
my hands yearn for thee.

Oh God, I have marched far from where you are.
But cleave to me, for my grip has slipped I'm falling
But falling into grace, I'm running into place,
God I'm breaking but I'm breaking into shape!
Help me to shine your glory through the cracks
These cracks in my face!
Let your light shine, it's the only light in my space
Cause all my stars are dim,
Dim compared to your grace,
I'm lost!
But I'm guided by faith.

The morg, at the end of my wondering
It calls to me to go to sleep,
But I'm still fighting conquering
I'm a worrier, but I worry not, or worry a lot,
This story is long, with a spiraling plot,
Oh death cling to me! You are the only peace to come!
But wait, for I have a lot to do here
We will meet in embrace tomorrow
but today there are still demons to kill!
Oh sorrow was it worth it?
The quiet is the answer.


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