Each relationship begins

As a blank canvas

And ends either

A beautiful violet

A temporary blue or

A pile of one-dimensional

Ashes of a love failed

Love is a tepid purple

Fiery passions of red

The popular effect

Warm kisses

A lasting embrace and


Love is vehemently red

But mixed in is

A cool of blue sadness

Made of guilt

Miscommunication and


Love is a remorseful blue


The red will stain

But the blue will embed into

Your soul, refusing to let go

Temporary red

And lasting blue

These are the key colors of


All to paint a lilac sky

Onto the honest

Self-portrait of life's love

No canvas hold the perfect painting

But the lilac is lasting 

Yet you claim I know

Nothing of it

While I see the purple undertones

Wholeheartedly embracing its nature

And coating my hands with the mixture

To paint my canvas relationship as its

Best and brightest

You only hold a paintbrush

Of bitter pale blue

And refuse to give me

This one shade

After all the blue

I've wasted on that

Faux masterpiece 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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