Incantation Red, My Love

Incantation Red

By: Ashlyn Narvaez


Let the anger leave my body

Cast a spell upon the words

Let the trauma lift above me

Create a haunting with its curse



May it follow you by inches

As you traipse about our dreams

May it whisper whisper my name

The toll of my breaking heart beat



May my pain transfer to you

Cast a spell upon your soul

May the love I give to you

Push upon your guilt so full



Let the promises unkept

No longer plague my mind

Let the look of disappointment

Be a dagger as you look into my eyes


May you yearn to see admiration

And look only to see disgust

May you come to realization

It is you, look what you’ve done



This is my final proclamation

Hear ye, be hallowed by my name

The words I speak are sanctified

By the tears I cried for you in vain



Your narcissistic volitions

Sacrilege to my heart so true

Upon a heart that needed you

Be damned, I was not heard



So in repentance for you

I have ushered in your curse

Yours is a dark penance to pay,

for all you, my husband, have not done



Beware God is more forgiving

Than a woman you have undone.

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