my love


United States
33° 32' 5.73" N, 112° 11' 5.1036" W

As you carry me in your arms
holding my tight and close keeping me away from harm
your smile and your charm
your soft cream skin
hair so thin
it try to escape within the wind
your eyes glazes like a star
lights up like a Cuban cigar
hearing your voice pumps my heart rapidly gradually happily.
warming me like a stove
giving me hope when thing don't go right
you give me the bright light
to get through these dark days and nights
without you so much would of when so incomplete
your love is so sweet
my home is being in between your arms
our love we share steams the air
I cant stop giving you my care
I never want to see your beautiful dark brown eyes to cry
the best moment in my life is when were together
when we hug I wish it lasted forever

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