How a Slave Feels

“Silence” he commanded

As he slapped my frozen face

I need a meal for my stomach

I have not eaten in days

Or perhaps it has been longer

For truly I cannot tell

I feel like a prisoner

Used for my body and nothing else


I need a sip of water

I’m dying for a drink

I’m not sure how much longer I can go for

I think I’m reaching my brink

God please grant me rest

I think I need that the most

Cause being used for your body

Tires your spirit and your soul

And if I do not make it

My wish is this to You

That every evil man like this

Dies in hell for all they do


My hands are frozen solid

My cherry not so much

Cause when it’s used and used

and used again

It becomes hot to the touch


“Silence” he commanded

As he slapped my frozen face

I’ve no will left inside

So I let this be my place


This poem is about: 
Our world


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